We show you how to enjoy this luxurious island, without the luxury price tag!

Renowned as a playground for the rich and famous, Capri is filled with shops and restaurants ready to cater to their upmarket clientele. But this incredible island isn’t just for the wealthy, it is packed with stunning attractions for every kind of visitor, with any kind of budget. Here are a few of the best things you can do on Capri, all of which cost less than €20!

  • 1. Gardens of Augustus

    The Gardens of Augustus are a one-stop-shop for the incredible sights of Capri. Entrance to the gardens is only a couple of euros – a bargain when considering what there is to see here.

    The botanical gardens decorate glorious terraces that overlook the sea. Amongst the lawns and flower beds, you will find many of Capri’s beautiful flora including geraniums, dahlias, and brooms. From the garden, you can gaze across the water to the dramatic Faraglioni rocks, over to Monte Solaro, and down at the bay of Marina Piccola.

    See the steep, twisting pathway of Via Krupp from the gardens. This seemingly impossible walkway snakes its way down the cliffside. Sadly, because of rockfall, Via Krupp is normally closed to the public, however, if it is open then it is well worth walking.

  • 2. The Blue Grotto

    This attraction is an iconic feature of the island of Capri, and with a visit costing around €15, it won’t break the bank.

    The Blue Grotto is a sea cave that becomes illuminated by a mystical blue glow whenever the sun comes out. The entrance to the cave is a small opening that allows only one small boat to pass through at a time. So how does it get flooded with light, you ask? The secret behind this natural wonder is the larger cave entrance submerged beneath the surface of the water. As sunlight travels through the larger opening, it reflects up into the cave, bathing the interior with a stunning azure glow.

    A bonus of this excursion is the Neapolitan love songs sung by the skippers of the tiny boats that echo off the walls of the cave.

  • 3. Villa Jovis

    Home to the mighty Emperor Tiberius in the 1st-century, Villa Jovis displays incredible ruins and only costs a few euros to enter.

    Overlooking the rocky cliffsides and beautiful ocean, Tiberius constructed his palace on a cliff edge to ensure its privacy and security. To the north you will find the emperor’s apartment, to the east is the official function rooms, to the south, you’ll discover the ancient baths and to the west you’ll see the servant’s quarters.

    If you are brave enough to gaze over the rocky precipice behind the villa then you’ll see the notorious Tiberius’ Leap. This 330meter high cliff edge was where Tiberius hurled those who had fallen out of favour with him.

  • 4. Free beaches

    Sunbathing and swimming, two of the simplest and most pleasurable pastimes, are certainly free to enjoy in Capri. The island has several beaches to offer its visitors; some of them free, some of them not. Here is a list of the best free beaches:

    Marina Piccola

    Home to two small beaches, Marina Piccola offers visitors a chance to kick back, relax and enjoy a wonderful morning at the beach with stunning views across to the Faraglioni rocks. We only mention a morning at the beach here since the sun will set in this part of the island relatively early.

    Marina Grande

    Situated next to the port of Capri, Marina Grande is the island’s largest beach. Though it is next to the port, the sea is beautifully clean, perfect for going for a swim! Due to the proximity to the port and its size, this beach can get crowded during the summer months.

    Palazzo a Mare

    Accessible by boat or on foot along the route passing by the Da Paolino restaurant, this pebble beach is child-friendly and may have once been used by Emperor Tiberius since it is close to one of his palaces!

  • 5. The Punta Carena Lighthouse

    Ok, so this isn’t a beach as such, but it does offer wonderful opportunities to swim and to sunbathe on the glorious rocks that line the water’s edge. The lighthouse is also a perfect spot for our next free activity…

    Watch the sunset from the lighthouse

    With its perfect position on the western side of the Island, the Punta Carena lighthouse offers stunning views of the sunset. And if you’re there in the summer months and don’t mind spending a few euros then you can get a drink at one of the two cafes there and enjoy live music.

  • 6. Trek to the top of Monte Solaro

    See the most stunning views across Capri from the peak of Monte Solaro, which stand at 589 metres above sea level. If you don’t fancy the walk, then you can take the chairlift but we’re trying to do Capri on a budget here and walking is free! From the summit, you can gaze across the Bay of Naples, the Amalfi Coast, and to the mountains of Calabria in the distance.

    The walk takes roughly an hour and along the way you can see the church of Santa Maria Cetrella, the Castello Barbarossa that took its name from the fearsome pirate Redbeard, and the wonderful wildlife of the island. If you’re looking closely, you may even spot one of Capri’s most colourful residents, the blue lizard!

More top tips for how to experience Capri on a budget

Of course, you can’t entirely avoid spending money when you visit Capri but there are some extra ways to reduce the costs. First, visit out of season, prices are lower, and you’ll avoid many of the crowds that flock there in the summer months. Second, do your research on where to eat. There are lots of great value places to dine on Capri and the best way to find them is by checking blogs, avoiding large touristy menus and searching for family-run establishments. Third, take it easy! You don’t need to rush through the various sites, spending money on entrances and transport as you go. Relax, enjoy the sun, and discover why this island remains one of the most popular destinations in Italy!

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