Blue Grotto is a nature’s marvel situated on the stunning island of Capri off the coast of southern Italy.

Locally known as Grotta Azzurra, this karst sea cave is the jaw-dropping splendor of Mother Nature that bewitches travellers with its dazzling illumination of mystical blue seawater. With a unique combination of the bright blue and deep green hues, the cave can rightly be tagged as a heaven on earth. Here we give you a peek into the most storied and incredibly gorgeous cavern in Capri Italy.

Unravel the unworldly secret

When the sunlight passes through this beautiful cavity, an extraordinary amalgamation of depth, water clarity and breadth lead to the natural filtration of colours creating a beautiful ambiance that’s anything but ordinary. As the sunlight finds its way inside the cavern from a narrowed arched entrance and an aperture that’s directly below it, the red reflections are filtered out to only allow blue light. Due to this any object that’s inside the cavern appears to have a silver reflection in the crystalline water, even your hand!

A boat ride to a magical cavern

To reach Blue Grotto travellers hop abroad a wooden rowboat and enjoy a picturesque ride. With aquamarine water of the ocean, the island’s dramatic coastline and the rugged landscapes plunging into the sparkling water, the view when on the boat is truly mesmerizing. And once you enter a dark cavern through a tiny stone portal, you’ll be speechless to see the water glow like a blue-burning fire lighting up the entire cave.

An enchanting legend

While some locals believe the grotto to be a personal swimming pool of the emperor Tiberius, others believe that it used to be a Roman marine temple adorned with the opulent statues of the deities. Also, people opined Blue Grotto to be an abode to spirits and demons. Despite this old-wives’ tale travellers visit this place to experience the authentic magic of the surreal, phosphorescent blue light.

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