Isle of Capri

Whether it’s to get a glimpse of the superyachts docked in the Marina Grande or to soak up the extraordinary panoramic vistas on offer, the Southern Italian island of Capri makes for an incredible getaway. From top-notch shopping and dining to relaxing waterfront hotspots, visitors to the Amalfi Coast, Naples and Rome can easily reach Capri for a daylong adventure that immerses travellers within its vibrant culture. Sightseeing Tours Italy presents you with a selection of Capri tours that make it convenient to experience the island and its awe-inspiring beauty.

Day Tours and Trips to Capri

Situated in the Bay of Naples, Capri is well worth visiting even if you’re located in Rome or Naples. The bustling streets of these massive cities are great fun to explore, but the island delights of Capri offer their own charms as our Capri tours leave behind these metropolises and head for its picture-perfect beaches and coves. The 1 Day Capri Tour with Blue Grotto from Rome begins by taking a wonderful drive along the Highway of the Sun before we stop in at Naples and experience some expansive views across the ocean and Mount Vesuvius. We’ll then continue onwards as we catch the ferry across the bay before sitting down for a delicious lunch at a classic Italian restaurant that also features stunning views. Once we’ve explored many of the sights on offer in Capri, we’ll head for the Blue Grotto, a unique cave that glows a bright shade of turquoise once the sun hits the water.

We also offer the 1 Day Capri Tour from Naples, where travellers get to explore the artisan shopfronts and the site of Villa Jovis, an ancient Roman palace built by Emperor Tiberius. Across this Capri island tour, there’s also plenty of time to admire the monumental cliffside known as Salto di Tiberio, plus the striking Faraglioni rock formation. Before we head back to Naples, we’ll also visit the Punta Carena Lighthouse where you’ll learn about the island’s remarkable history.

Experience Other Capri Day Tours & Trips

Whenever the sun is out and shining, Capri comes alive with activity as people flood the alfresco dining spots and head for the water. Join us on the Capri Day Tour as we set about uncovering designer boutiques, restaurants and natural wonders that make Capri an unforgettable experience. Leaving from Sorrento, we’ll board a hydrofoil and make the short trip across the bay to arrive on the island. Exploring the highest part of the island at Anacapri, we’ll also pay a visit to the beautiful Villa San Michele, the home of renowned 19th-century Swedish author and physician, Dr Alex Munthe. As we wander through Anacapri, there’s also the option of riding a chairlift to the peak of Monte Solaro where you’ll get a breathtaking bay view.

Undeniably one of Italy’s most attractive islands, take a day trip to Capri and discover why its incredible history, culture and scenery shouldn’t be skipped on any Italian getaway.

Day Tours in Capri

Day Trips to Capri

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What accommodation is included in the 2 Day Pompeii, Sorrento & Capri Tour?

We use a few different four star accommodation providers in Sorrento. Once your booking has been confirmed, we will let you know the details of your accommodation.

Is there time to swim on the tours to Capri?

Our day tours usually have some free time, which you can use to go for a swim if you choose.