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If there is a region that represents the true charm of Italy, it has to be Tuscany. Filled with the artistic cities of Florence, Siena and Lucca, the diverse natural landscape of Tuscany encompasses a plethora of UNESCO world heritage sites, unparalleled museums, picture-perfect villages, and gorgeous beaches! And let’s not forget the world-famous vineyards that make for spectacular views and unforgettable wine tasting tours.

If you’re an avid seeker of culture, you’d surely be hard-pressed to unearth a region that possesses such a rich array of architectural diversity. While the artistic centres of Florence, San Gimignano, Pienza, and Siena have all been granted World Heritage status by UNESCO, you’d be surprised to know that Tuscany has more recognized cultural sites than Australia, South Africa and Argentina combined, and just as many as Egypt.

Other than the iconic sites, Tuscany also lays testimony to the most precious artwork ever created in the history of Italy. Some of the world-renowned works of art you can expect to find in Tuscany include Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” and Michelangelo’s David.

That’s not all; there are just as many areas in Tuscany that are well-known for their spectacular landscapes, virgin beauty, and dramatic vineyards. The region is regarded as the hub of famous Tuscan wine regions, boasting more than 250 producers, with more than 30,000 hectares of area under cultivation. What’s even better? Almost all of the region’s beautiful valleys offer stunning sightseeing opportunities, even though some of them may be off the beaten track.

So, no matter if you are heading to Tuscany in search of fine art, history or just visiting to explore the extraordinary hillside views– the combination of all these make it a simply picture-perfect getaway. So, why wait? Visit this marvellous region and travel back in time to the roots of Italian culture — immersing yourself in all that is on offer on your next holiday.

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