Things to do in Lucca

A perfect amalgamation of art, architecture, and history, the iconic city of Lucca is Tuscany’s unspoiled medieval centre. It is known for its well-preserved Renaissance walls, narrow, cobblestoned lanes, and plenty of hidden gems. In fact, you’ll be stunned by the city’s historic buildings, dating back to the 8th century, not to mention the tree-lined pathways popular for strolling and cycling.

While this medieval walled city is jampacked with several attractions, it is the main square —The Piazza San Martino— that contains the unmissable sight of the white-topped cathedral of ‘Duomo di San Martino’. Laying testimony to many works of art, this rare 6th Century cathedral is home to Volto Santo, a much celebrated and locally treasured artwork depicting the ancient crucifix and Christ carved from cedarwood.

After admiring the artworks at the religious cathedral, catch glimpse of the beautiful sunset from Torre Guinigi, a famous bell tower offering stunning views of the town. One of the grandest highlights of Lucca, this tower not only stands 44.25 meters high but also boasts a roof garden with trees growing from its top.

What’s more; there is no better place to capture the beauty of this medieval walled town than from its old, distinctive walls that were built between in the 16th century to protect the city. And because the city administration has barred cars and other vehicles from driving within the city centre, one can easily admire the old town charm on foot or bike. Other than enjoying the best panoramic views of the city, you could also unveil the secret corners of Lucca that you won’t be able to discover otherwise.

Last but not least, there’s nothing better than ending your day in Lucca with a delectable Tuscan dinner including the traditional crostini, bistecca alla fiorentina, complemented by the famous Tuscan wine.

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