You won’t find many other places where a great glass of wine is appreciated as much as in Italy – and Tuscany is where the best of the best is produced. Throughout the region’s picturesque rolling hills, there’s a remarkable selection of historic wine estates that have been passed down through generations and continue to bottle the world-class wine that visitors can’t wait to come and sample.

For gastronomic lovers of great food and wine, Sightseeing Tours Italy presents a great choice of Tuscany wine tours that present you with a behind-the-scenes look at the growers and producers that make this area so famous. Whether you consider yourself a wine aficionado or just want to experience the sun-drenched countryside, there’s a Tuscany wine tour from Florence that will have you effortlessly exploring its wonderful history and cuisine.

Tuscany Wine Tours From Florence

Taking a Tuscany wine tour means that you’ll be heading straight into its most famous winemaking region, the Chianti Hills. Declared as Italy’s first protected winemaking region by the Grand Duke of Tuscany in 1716, over the last 300 years, an astounding culture around the highest quality vino has been built up. The Half Day Chianti Wine Tour from Florence takes you deep into wine territory as you leave behind the busy streets of the city and visit two spectacular wineries where you’ll be greeted by the owners and shown around their amazing estates

For those who’d like to get even more hands-on during their Tuscany day trip, the Tuscan Wine Making and Dinner Experience welcomes you into a stunning winery where you’ll sit down for a Tuscan-style feast before learning the secrets behind great winemaking. You’ll even have the chance to create your own bottle of vino! Meanwhile, we also offer a peaceful bike ride through the Tuscan countryside as you indulge yourself with delicious food and wine, while a Morning Tuscany Vespa tour takes things up a gear as you get first-hand experience of Tuscany’s serene rolling hills.

Our Other Tuscany Tours & Day Trips from Florence

Despite Tuscany’s wine being some of the best you can try in the whole country, there’s so much more to see and do throughout this historic region. With a variety of towns and villages dating back hundreds, if not thousands of years, our Tuscany Day Tour sets out to explore the region’s most fascinating ancient communities. Across Siena, San Gimignano, Pisa and a visit to a Chianti winery for lunch, this journey highlights Tuscany’s absolute greatest features throughout its daylong duration.

Another popular day tour is the Pisa and Lucca Day Trip from Florence. This tour travels through the Tuscan countryside to Pisa, where you can admire the stunning marble buildings including the iconic Leaning Tower. In the afternoon, explore the superbly preserved medieval city of Lucca, where you can walk atop the defensive walls or meander through the enchanting narrow streets. Enjoy a tasting of the local sweet cake, Buccellato, before relaxing on the return journey to Florence.

Day Tours in Tuscany

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