Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square) is the incredible epicentre of Venice that has been a tourist hotspot for aeons.

It’s not only the largest but also the most important square in Venice that hosts some significant landmarks. From stunning Saint Mark’s Basilica to freestanding bell-tower of San Marco to National Archaeological Museum, the square entertains visitors with its architectural marvels as well as its rich history. Here we give you a peek into the gems the square takes pride in.

Marvel at the architectural wonders

The most eye-catching building at St. Mark’s Square is the Basilica that’s internationally renowned for its Venetian architectural style that immaculately encompasses not just the Byzantine influence but also Islamic and Western European. Another must-see attraction is the 323-feet soaring bell-tower of San Marco which is beautifully adorned with lion faces and Venice’s version of Lady Justice at the top.

A cheerful photograph of you with these two human marvels as the background is sure to make your friends go green with envy. Also, when you are in St. Mark’s Square, visit the National Archaeological Museum in the Square to get in-depth information about Venice’s history. From a great assortment of Greek, Egyptian and Babylonian artefacts to a remarkable panoply of ceramics and glassworks, the museum has beautifully preserved the grandeur of Venice’s centuries-old legacy.

Soak in the ambience

St. Mark’s Square is one of the best places in the city to enjoy a cup of coffee in one of the elegant cafés as you watch the world go by right in front of you. It gets even better at dusk when the square comes to life with local bands playing live music in the restaurants. Also, if you are lucky you can be an audience to the open-air concerts right at the centre of the biggest square in Venice. This creates quite a romantic ambience that’s perfect for wandering the roads that were once paved with terracotta blocks. And the ambience only gets better as the night falls!

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