The Grand Canal of Venice, also known as Canalazzo, is the most important waterway sweeping through this amazing city.

While the ancient canal measures 3.8 kilometres long, it snakes through Venice in a large S shape and splits the city in two sides. Starting from the Saint Mark’s Basin to a lagoon near the Santa Lucia railway station, the grand canal passes through the central districts of Venice with many magnificent buildings (erected between the 12th and 17th century) testifying the wealth and beauty of the city.

In its course, this truly grand waterway passes under four bridges journeying through vibrant Venetian markets, well-preserved gardens and resplendent canal-front restaurants, complemented by museums, churches and other iconic structures. While the Grand Canal does help travellers connect to the top attractions of Venice, in actual fact, it is a top attraction in itself.

What’s more; being the vein of Venice, this busy canal is never idle. From watercrafts escorting people at the oddest of hours to the bedecked Gondolas taking travellers out for a city tour, the Grand Canal is the only way to get around this Floating City.

And if you choose to glide on the Grand Canal near the sunset, you will have a soulful sight to behold. With the cotton candy sky in the backdrop, you’ll witness the sun’s soft yellow hues creating a magical ‘golden glow’ that scatters all over the city, which looks no less than heaven. And bolstering this beauty is the stunning reflection of the magnificent structures surrounding the emerald water you are cruising on.

So, why wait? Cruise the Grand Canal of Venice and get ready to be transported in history devoid of the hassle and noise of vehicular traffic, and simply enjoy the sounds of the calming water. You are not likely to forget this exhilarating experience for a long long time.

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