Hidden between the famous Positano and stunning Amalfi lies the underrated valley of Praiano.

It has been known as a hospitable sea-side region for decades, home to crystal-clear waters and spectacular views. No matter what you are looking for during your holiday along the Amalfi Coast, we guarantee you’ll fall head over heels in love with Praiano Valley.

The History of Praiano Valley

This town has a long history, first appearing in history booking bac in the 9th century. Praiano was originally known as ‘Pelagianum’ translating to ‘open sea’. The village was then nicknamed Plagianum and then eventually known officially as Praiano. Within the Middle Ages, the village was one of the settlements of the Republic of Amalfi. The village was divided into two sections, with the bottom populated by fishermen, and the top part-owned by farmers. Both sections were critical to the survival of Praiano, most particularly the farming, which can be shown by the council crest of Praiano, which features oranges to showcase the importance of agriculture.

The Facilities

Due to its long reputation for its hospitality and charm, Praiano has a variety of restaurants, hotels, tourism attractions, and more within. The hotels offer drop-dead gorgeous views of the crystal clear waters, with the restaurants offering beautiful dine-in experiences of delicious dinners. The entire village is seen as a laid-back region, and perfect for those looking for a quite but exciting coastal holiday.

The Beach

By far one of the biggest draws for Praiano is the beaches, with its enchanting scenery of jagged clifftops meeting with the sapphire blue waters. Many visitors spend their days here hopping from one beach to the next, spending their days lying in the sun or splashing in the warm waters. Other beaches can only be reached by boat, with some hiring a boat for the day to guarantee themselves a private day on the remote beaches!

The Historic Buildings

One of the oldest buildings in the region is the town’s cathedral, created to honour the Saint Luke the Evangelist. Built-in 1588, but redone in 1772 in the beautiful Baroque style, it is truly an attraction worth seeing up close. Featuring a square bell tower, and hand-painted tiles, the detail and history of this structure is truly amazing to see. Set on the hillside just outside of Praiano’s borders, it also offers exceptional views of the land and beyond!

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