Naples is nestled in amongst a wealth of Italy’s most beautiful sights and is a perfect base from which to explore the nearby regions. On the other side of Mount Vesuvius, the ruins of Pompeii await and further down the coastline are seaside towns with beautiful views and picturesque buildings. A tour from Naples to any of the nearby locations will take a day and offer a wonderful escape from city life and a chance to explore the enchanting country of Italy more thoroughly.

Day Tours & Trips from Naples

Just 10 kilometers from Naples lies the world-famous city of Pompeii. Destroyed almost 2,000 years ago by Mount Vesuvius, the ruins now serve as a reminder of the volcano’s destructive power. A day tour around this ancient site lasts 8 hours and costs only €89. Expert guides will provide you with valuable insights as you explore the city and leave you feeling as though you stepped back into the time of the Romans.

Tours of Pompeii also include a short walk to the top of the volcano itself and allow you the opportunity to take in the stunning views that extend over the city and out to sea. Only from a vantage point such as this can you truly sense the dominance Mount Vesuvius has over the surrounding area.

For those wishing to escape the city in search of beautiful beaches and warm waters, a day trip to Capri provides the perfect excursion. Before you reach the island, you’ll be bowled over by the spectacular coastline that stretches from Naples to Sorrento and once on Capri you’ll be able to take in some of the most impressive views in the region.

The island houses many unmissable sights such as the ruins of the palace of Emperor Tiberius, Villa Jovis, and the Faraglioni rock formation. But one of the most popular sights is that of the Blue Grotto. This underwater cave glows blue as the sun hits the water, making it an astounding and other-worldly experience.

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Stretching along the south facing coastline and continuing from Sorrento is the spectacular Amalfi coast. Just like with a Capri day tour you’ll be able to take in the Bay of Naples as you travel through to the seaside towns studded along the coast. The town of Positano with its impressive Santa Maria Assunta church will be first on the itinerary before you head to the picture-perfect fishing town of Praiano which is watched over by towering clifftops.

A trip to the town of Amalfi will make you understand why the region took its name from it. The UNESCO World-Heritage listed town is dramatic and will make you feel fully immersed in the Mediterranean lifestyle. East of Amalfi is the town of Ravello, a perfect place to conclude a tour of the coast with its landscaped gardens where you can gaze out at the glittering blue waters and rugged landscape.

Day Trips from Naples

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What are the best things to see and do in Naples

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Is lunch included on the tours from Naples?

Our Naples tours don’t include lunch, but you will have some free time to enjoy lunch where you please. Your guide will have some recommendations for you if you aren’t sure where to go.

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Yes! We can arrange a private tour with transport to any of the locations we visit on our group tour. Email if you would like to arrange a quote.