On the coast of southwest Italy, you’ll find the stunning town of Sorrento. The delightful town first gained its popularity as the entrance to the Amalfi Coast. Since then it has built a reputation of its own. The romantic getaway is a feast for the eyes with jaw-dropping views, elegant hotels, and stunning streets. Stare out to the beautiful Bay of Naples soaking in the fresh sea air and get ready for a tour experience unlike any other.

Sorrento’s proximity to Naples, Pompeii and Capri make it the perfect place for a day drip. Sightseeing Tours Italy runs fantastic Sorrento tours to meet your time and budget requirements. Join us on a Sightseeing Tours Italy adventure and see why this region has such a stellar reputation. Our friendly team will keep you entertained and informed, so you have the best time possible. Whether you’re in Sorrento for a day or a week we’ve got a tour for you!

Day Tours & Trips from Sorrento

Take a day away from the idyllic seaside and venture elsewhere. Join a day trip from Sorrento to explore Vesuvius and Pompeii. We’ll take you to one of the world’s most famous historic sites for a day of historical adventures. All our Sorrento tours include skip the line passes, so there’s no wasting your time waiting in long queues. Plus, friendly local guides make the whole trip stress free and super informative!

While exploring the ruins we’ll take time to ascend Vesuvius. Once you’ve arrived at the top, you’ll be graced with views of Pompeii and the beautiful Gulf of Naples. Taking a day trip from Sorrento is a fantastic way to explore this area. Plus, it’s proximity to the UNESCO site means you won’t spend hours bored in a coach trying to get there.

Joining our Pompeii & Vesuvius Tour from Sorrento is a fantastic way to explore the city frozen in time.

Experience Sorrento on a Multi-Day Tour

With so much to see and do you can be overwhelmed with choice! By joining a Sorrento tour we’ll take the guessing work out for you and make sure you don’t miss any of the best spots.

Join our 2 Day Pompeii, Sorrento & Capri Tour and explore the wider region around Sorrento. Enjoy the picturesque Italian countryside as you wide your way from Rome to the seaside. After exploring Naples you’ll arrive in Sorrento for the evening. When we arrive, a delicious formal dinner with delight your taste buds. Afterwards, you’re free to explore the cobbled streets and citrus covered hills for yourself.

The next morning we’ll leave Sorrento for the stunning island of Capri where we’ll explore the Blue Grotto. After, we’ll enjoy lunch in the coastal community of Anacapri before beginning the journey back to Rome. This Sorrento tour is an awesome way to pack all the best bits of Sorrento and Capri into a neat package.

Sorrento is an incredible area of the Italian countryside. You should not miss your chance to visit!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best things to see and do around Sorrento

These are the best attractions in Sorrento:

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Where do we stay in Sorrento on the 2 Day Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri Tour?

We have partnerships with a few different four star accommodation providers in Sorrento. Once we have confirmed your booking, we will let you know the details of your hotel.

Do you offer private tours from Sorrento?

Yes! We can arrange a private tour with transport to any of the locations we visit on our group tour. Email if you would like to arrange a quote.