Amalfi Coast in Italy is just how you imagine it to be. The colourful homes and buildings on the cliffs overlook the beautiful blue ocean.

You could spend an unlimited amount of time exploring the beautiful Amalfi Coast. But about five days would be perfect to see parts of the Amalfi Coast. Even if you only have one day it is still worth it to see the beautiful coastal cities!


Your camera roll will have a lot of photos and videos to share online when you’ve visited Positano. The town has picturesque views of the colourful homes on the cliffs and the turquoise sea. When you walk along the beach, you’ll find a chair to lie down on to watch the waves slowly crash into the sand and the boats out in the sea. Speaking of boats, you can hire a gozzo to see the three islets of Li Galli. You won’t be able to actually go on the islands, but you can get a closer look at them. Or if you prefer land, when you walk around the city through the narrow streets there are heaps of cafes and shops.


Ravello is slightly different from other towns along the Amalfi Coast, that’s because the town sits above the coastline and not on it. Since Ravello sits above the coastline, there are some beautiful views you can get from up above. But just like other towns along the Amalfi Coast, there are views of the houses and buildings on the cliffs overlooking the shining blue ocean.

As you make your way around the town there are so many lush villas to see with trees, hedges, and plants. We recommend going to the Stature of Ceres, it’s a beautiful lookout point to see the town, cliffs, and ocean. The statue is in a small temple but as you step foot on the other side, you get some of the most scenic views of the town.


Amalfi is one of the more popular towns along the Amalfi Coast, but as you walk the streets, you understand why. Amalfi has a beautiful coastline with bright colourful homes and a gorgeous blue sea. You can relax on one of the chairs at the beach and overlook the sparkling blue sea or even go swimming in the water.

As you walk through the streets, there are a lot of small shops to look at or pop into a cafe or restaurant for some food. You might stumble across the Cathedral of Sant’andrea which is a stunning medieval Roman Catholic cathedral.

If you do only have a day to see the Amalfi Coast, you could pick one town, or do a tour. There are one day tours that leave Sorrento or Naples which take you to three beautiful coastal towns on Amalfi Coast.

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