Things to do in Amalfi

Nestled on the western edge of Italy, Amalfi Coast is a 50-kilometre stretch of coastline that showcases 13 pastel-coloured fishing towns clinging to the cliffs. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its classical Mediterranean landscape in 1997, this breathtaking coast boasts of sheer cliffs and a dramatic shoreline scattered with small beaches and fascinating views of the vibrant waters.

The Towns

While there are as many as thirteen towns that make up the Amalfi Coast, you’d be surprised to know that each of these fabled townships is labelled like a Hollywood cast list. From the travellers’ hot favourite Positano to the seaside hamlet of Cetara and the sun-kissed town of Amalfi, the region is the best of its kind to be found anywhere in the world.

Head to Positano if you wish to set your eyes on a pastel-coloured cascade of boutiques, or relish some sun-kissed sunbathers. Travel further east to the ancient Amalfi that tempts voyagers with its aesthetic Arabic-Norman cathedral and the mountaintop Ravello that lures with its cultured villas. What’s more; to the west lies Sorrento, with sweeping water views of the sea and the famous Chiesa di San Francesco, a 14th-century church with a tranquil cloister.

Things to know before you Go

While keeping the azure waters and cinematic views aside, the Amalfi is also one of Italy’s top spots for hiking. Not only does the region provide you with well-marked trails to escape the star-struck coastal crowds but also allow you to navigate within the villages conveniently on feet.

Moreover, the best time to mark your presence at Amalfi is from April to June, when you are most likely to encounter spring flowers and warm water! A lot of travellers do flock to the region in the hot months of July and August, to take advantage of the hot temperatures and enjoy the beach.

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