Things to do in Positano

Positano is the invaluable gem of the Amalfi Coast in Italy that’s considered as one of the most romantic places worldwide. The colourful village of Positano is a bonafide Instagram magnet with its towering cliffs, picturesque Mediterranean views, and Moorish-style architecture.

One of the beloved destinations in Europe, Positano is undoubtedly the most photogenic town along the Amalfi coast. Perched atop on an enclave of a steep rocky hill, the chic resort offers the most splendid coastal views. Here we give you a peek into what this paradise has in store for you.

Get the Southern-Italian holiday feel

Positano is a definite must-visit town in Italy that radiates old school Italian charm. The winding roads are dotted with designer boutiques, convivial restaurants, and wisteria-draped hotels. You can sunbathe on the Spiaggia Grande beach as you relish a slice of pizza from the local pizzeria. When in Positano every traveller should try the local delicacy ‘baba’ which is a small cake drenched in butter and rum complemented with whisked cream.

As the day comes to an end and the colour of the sky softens, you will experience a magical vibe in the Positanian-air. As the night falls, the place gets glamorous as the most fashionable crowds come out of the den and soak in the magic the place eludes- truly a radical chic retreat!

Create your own ‘A walk to remember’

Exploring the village along the steep flights of steps is an exhilarating experience in itself. While you climb you cannot help yourself from falling in love with extraordinarily gorgeous pastel villas and Mediterranean houses clinging to the mountains and tumbling down to the sea. And the spectacular vista of the sparkling ocean from the top never fails to please anyone.

What’s more; you can rent a boat and visit the mystical ‘three islets of Li Galli’ which is famous for the inhabitation of the sirens that seduce the sailors by singing melodious songs. To find out if it’s merely a legend or not book a tour to Positano for your next holiday.

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