Rome’s historical centre has some of the city’s major attractions that are a must-see.

Rome is known for being the Eternal City that is filled with ancient Roman history. You can spend hours, even days exploring Rome’s Centro Storico. But within a day, you could squeeze in seeing these five things.

1. Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain, Rome

One of Rome’s most famous fountains, the Trevi Fountain is an 18th-century fountain with stunning white sculptures.

Thousands of people every day will throw coins into the fountain. Within a year, the fountain makes over €1.50 million, which is all donated to charity!

It’s worth coming to see Trevi Fountain during the day and at night when it’s all lit up.

2. Pantheon


The Pantheon was a Roman temple up until 609 AD when it became a Catholic church. The outside of the Pantheon looks similar to an ancient Greek temple with tall stone pillars at the front.

As you step foot inside, you’ll be amazed at just how beautiful it is. One of the things the Pantheon is known for is the giant dome and the stunning marble flooring.

It’s no surprise the Pantheon is one of Rome’s most preserved buildings.

3. Colosseum

Colosseum, Rome

Without a doubt, the Colosseum is one of the top attractions in Rome. It’s still the world’s largest standing amphitheatre! The Colosseum could seat over 50,000 people where they’d watch the gladiator battles.

To learn about its history, we recommend booking a guided tour of the Colosseum where you can go inside.

4. Spanish Steps

Rome’s Spanish Steps is Europe’s longest and widest staircase. The staircase was built in 1725 and has 135 steps. The staircase is in Piazza di Spagna and leads to the Trinita dei Monti.

The best time to see the Spanish Steps is early in the morning before the crowds start to arrive.

5. Roman Forum

Roman Forum & Palatine Hill

The Roman Forum was once the main centre for Roman life from public meetings to markets and gladiatorial battles.

Right by the Colosseum, you can walk through the Forum and see the ancient ruins. You could spend hours exploring the Forum, so try to set aside at least two to three hours.

Some highlights to see inside the Forum include the Arch of Titus, the Temple of Saturn, and the Cloaca Maxima.

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