Trevi Fountain is incredible evidence of Roman craftsmanship that existed aeons ago.

This extravagant water feature is one of the most celebrated fountains not only in Rome but worldwide. No wonder travellers horde to this iconic 18th-century Baroque masterpiece like bees to honey!

The popularity of this massive artistic marvel spread worldwide after it was featured in the Hollywood blockbusters ‘La Dolce Vita’ and ‘Lizzie McGuire Movie’. Did you know that there is a replica of this monumental sculptural fountain at Epcot in Walt Disney World?

Marvel the opulence of the Fountain

Located in Rome’s historic centre and sculpted against the backdrop of the Palazzo Poli, this beautiful white travertine fountain effortlessly encompasses art, beauty, and mythology. Standing at the height of 85 feet, coupled with the intricate designs, this monstrous fountain is a human wonder to behold. The skillfully carved marble of the Oceanus, god of water, on a shell-shaped chariot pulled by two horses leaves the visitors speechless with its heavenly grandeur. If you have a closer look at the horses, you will realize that one horse is calm while other is not- the perfect depiction of different moods of the big, blue ocean!

Let the coin decide your fate

Travellers who visit Trevi Fountain make sure to try centuries-old ritual of tossing a coin by facing away from the fountain and throwing over their shoulder into the basin. The legend states that the first coin you throw guarantees your quick return to the Eternal City while the second and the third tosses assure you to find love and get married respectively. Another myth states that if a couple drinks from the small fountain on the left of the grand one, they will forever stay faithful to each other.

Soak in the heavenly ambience

While early mornings are a great time to enjoy the serenity and appreciate the beauty of this stunning marble creation, twilight is the hour when the surrounding comes to life with gorgeous evening charm thanks to the effects of lighting, creating a lovely, romantic atmosphere!

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