Roman Forum is an impressive sprawling labyrinth of ancient ruins that gives an insight into the classical antiquity of the great Roman Empire.

Built upon a swampy Etruscan burial ground, this archaeological complex is a proud owner of centuries-old remnants of magnificent palaces and imposing civic buildings. Located right at the centre of Rome, the Forum has become a favourite destination for both travellers and historians alike.

Roman Forum was once the nucleus of the lively Roman civilization. From grandiose temples to bustling marketplaces, visitors can appreciate the invaluable fragment of the Roman Empire when it was at its best. Here we provide you with a peek into the Roman Forum that was once the beating heart of the ancient city.

Revel in the true Roman-like experience

Once a thriving heart of political, religious and social activities; the Forum is now a fascinating mix of awe-inspiring ruins. With several impressive temples and monuments like Saturn, Venus, and Romulus, visitors can marvel at the unparalleled Roman architecture as they wander the road where Julius Caesar himself once trod. Additionally, you can stroll around the area that once witnessed triumphal processions, gladiatorial combats, and criminal trials.

Be stunned by the momentous architectural feats

The prestigious monuments added by the great emperors of different dynasties serve as an undying source of inspiration for the contemporary artists. The Temple of Saturn in the Roman Forum, for instance, is distinguished from a distance for its eight iconic columns. Moreover, the priceless fragment of statues, arches, and basilicas fills your heart and soul with an overwhelming sense of history like no other archaeological site would. After looking at these majestic testaments to one of the greatest civilizations in the history of mankind, one will definitely be left spellbound at Roman Forum. For an informative yet entertaining tour, it’s highly recommended to have an expert-led tour to fathom the history of this archaeologically rich site.

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