The Temple of Caesar used to be a large, towering structure in ancient Rome.

The Temple of Caesar used to be a significant building in ancient Rome. It was an ancient structure that once stood strong and tall. Today, the structure is in ruins but can still be seen on a visit to Rome.

Does the Temple of Caesar still exist?

The Temple of Caesar is located in the Roman Forum. It can blend in with the other ruins as not much is left of the former temple. When visiting the Roman Forum, you can find the Temple of Caesar by what appears to be a half-circle wooden roof. There are also some large stones that were used to construct the walls of the temple.

The temple had stayed intact until the late 1400s. After this time, the marble and stones from the temple were used to build new palaces and churches.

Drawings can depict what the temple used to look like. Most guesses show the temple appearing to look similar to the architecture in ancient Rome. The building was probably a tall structure with large pillars supporting the front and a statue atop the peaked roof.

The Roman Forum is located in Rome’s city centre. It can be accessed by foot, with other famous landmarks nearby including the Colosseum.

Why was the Temple of Caesar important?

The Temple of Caesar (Tempio del Divo Giuli) was built and dedicated to the Dictator Julius Caesar. It was built in 29 BC, but all that remains today is the altar.

The temple was dedicated to Caesar after he died. It was built atop the location of his cremation. The temple was used by a cult of the comet. There was a comet that had appeared after Caesar was killed, and people thought that the comet was Caesar’s soul.

Today, people consider the cement core of the temple to be Caesar’s grave. When visiting the Roman Forum, it is not uncommon to see fresh flowers on the gravesite.

How can I see the Temple of Caesar?

See the Temple of Caesar by visiting the Roman Forum. You can purchase tickets to the Roman Forum and learn about the ruins on your own. Or you can join a tour such as our Morning Ancient Rome and Colosseum Tour. This tour takes you to the most historic landmarks in the city of Rome. You will get to visit the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and the Roman Forum. What’s even better is that your tour ticket includes entry to each location with skip the line access!

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