The Italian Renaissance was a pivotal time in Italian history.

The word “renaissance” comes from the French language and translates to mean “rebirth”. Knowing the translation, the word “Renaissance” is the perfect name for the period of time that took place after the Dark Ages.

The Italian Renaissance time period

The Italian Renaissance occurred from the late 1300s up until about 1600. It began in Tuscany and was most prominent in both Florence and Siena. After a short amount of time, it reached Venice and other parts of Italy.

Before the Renaissance, there was lots of war and people were overworking themselves. That period of time was described as the “Dark Ages”. Once the Renaissance began in the 1300s, people started to realize that they could have a better quality of life. There were lots of works of art, inventions, and discoveries made during this time.

The Renaissance period ended when the city of Florence started to decline. France invaded Florence and other parts of Italy, which began causing some turmoil. Eventually, in the mid-1500s, the literature and artwork from the Renaissance period were banned. After that, the Renaissance period was over in Italy. Despite this, it remained alive across Europe as other countries began adapting the practices of this “rebirth”.

What was the Italian Renaissance known for?

The Italian Renaissance is known as a pivotal moment that bridged the transition from Medieval Europe to early modern times. This period of time was when artists started to push boundaries. The Renaissance had significant impacts on cultural development and advancements.

Artists, writers, architects, and scientists started shifting away from traditional ideas. They instead began to contribute to different religious and political ideas. The Italian Renaissance focused on the ideas of humanism and individualism.

What came out of the Italian Renaissance?

There were lots of philosophical ideas, works of literature, and creations of art that came out of the Italian Renaissance. There were also new inventions and advancements in travel.

Most of the artwork that came from the Italian Renaissance can be found in Italy, though some can be found spread across Europe. The Vatican City is home to the largest collection of art from the Renaissance period. One of the most famous paintings is the Sistine Chapel’s Ceiling, where you can see Michelangelo’s art. Other locations to view famous works of art from the Italian Renaissance include the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, the Accademia Gallery in Venice, and Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan.

Some famous inventions that were a result of the Italian Renaissance are the printing press, eyeglasses, the microscope, and the telescope.

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