Don’t miss out on any of Italy’s greatest activities with our ultimate bucket list!

When visiting Europe, there is no greater place to see than the picturesque region of Italy. Jam-packed with art, history, and iconic attractions, Italy ranks one of the most popular holiday destinations in the entire continent. From incredible masterpieces to historic architecture, there is almost too much to see on just one trip! So, where does one start? Seeing them all during your holiday in Italy can be quite a challenge, but I’ve made easier for you! Listing my favourite places within this glorious country that is well worth the stop in!

  • Take a Photo at the Leaning Tower of Pisa

    The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most iconic landmarks in Italy, instantly recognisable by its slight lean. It is an ancient building, constructed back in the 1100s, with stunning architectural detail. Millions of people flock to see the stunning tower each year, and the majority of the group’s incentive is to use the power of forced perspective to take the iconic shot of them ‘holding up the tower’. Throughout the years, the creativity of tourists has blossomed even more, with a range of optical illusive shots with travellers with the tower. Create your own shot on your Italy adventure now!

  • A Winery Day in Tuscany

    An olive-green wonderland, boasting lines of vineyards that sprawls across the rolling hills of the region. Tuscany is famed for its abundance in wine varieties, with the entire area alive with activity including wine tastings, delicious dining experiences, and historic walks around the greenery. Discover the region yourself or simply hop on a tour for a day to tantalize your taste buds and educate your palette with some of Europe’s finest wines on offer.

  • A wander around Pompeii

    It is the most ancient city still standing today! A snapshot of the year 79 A.D., after being preserved for thousands of years in a thick layer of volcanic rock and dirt. The historic city showcases both the past citizens daily life as well as their catastrophic demise, with striking buildings, artefacts, and the body remains still in an incredibly preserved state. Even if you aren’t a history buff, strolling through Pompeii is a fascinating adventure!

  • Float in Amalfi Coast’s Blue Grotto

    Hidden in the Amalfi Coast’s jagged seaside clifftops, a sea cave has a glorious mystery. A sea cave which boasts bright blue waters which glow in the dark! This mesmerising spectacle is not magic as it may seem, but completely natural, all from the natural light beaming through a hole in the cave and reflecting up against the water. Due to the small size of the cave, only small rowboats are able to fit, so hire one for the day and head to this natural phenomenon.

  • Hop on a gondola in Venice

    If you are visiting Venice, it’s safe to say that you will be tempted for a ride on a gondola. They are the symbol of history, tradition, and romance in the picturesque city of Venice. Slowly cruising down the stunning canals, which act as the city’s streets. A gondola ride typically lasts a full 40 minutes and gives you an exceptional view of the labyrinth of narrow passageways and ancient and colourful building lining the waterways.

  • See the art at Vatican City

    It is known as the home for art and religion in Italy, an iconic destination which possesses the greatest artworks, buildings, and religious monuments earth has on offer. Nestled within the city centre of Rome, many travellers spend an entire day here, visiting the incredible churches and galleries with thousands of works of art!

  • Enjoy the beaches of Positano

    Whether you’re interested in sunbaking the day away, sailing atop the sea, or simply looking out at the sapphire waters from your hotel terrace, Positano is sure to leave you satisfied. It is one of the most stunning regions of Italy, featured in many of the country’s advertisements and travel Instagram feeds. The charming pebble beach’s contrast beautifully with the pastel coloured houses and bright blue waters, giving guests an epic beach vacation, they have always dreamed of!

  • Sip on some Wine in Tuscany

    Nestled in central Italy, Tuscany is a diverse natural landscape home to a wide range of lush green vineyards. Each wine here is lovingly created and carefully aged, with Tuscany famous for producing some of the very best wines in the world. Cruise around this region for an unforgettable adventure visiting the very best wineries and sipping endless wines of white, red, and pink!

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