Venice is truly a city like no other, a grand old town replete with ancient history, ornate palaces and vibrant canals. The Grand Canal – Venice’s major waterway – is the perfect combination of all three of the aspects that make the city itself such a desirable destination!

The Grand Canal is famous for many reasons: the stunning palaces that line its banks; the luxurious bridges that traverse its murky waters; the way it connects the city’s top attractions and, of course, the kitschy good fun gondola rides that allow you to see it all.

For these reasons, a gondola ride down the Grand Canal is so much more than a cliche tourist jaunt – it’s the ultimate way to spy the city’s greatest attractions from afar before seeing them up close and personally.

You’ll be checking out these grand attractions once you hop off:

St Mark’s Square

Piazza San Marco, or St Mark’s Square, is Venice’s grand centre, the place where you will find its most historically important and most spectacular buildings.

Being home to both St Mark’s Basilica and the legendary Doge’s Palace, the square is an absolute feast for the senses, especially when you consider the intricate beauty attributed to both the cathedral and palace.

Don’t be surprised if the square already feels familiar: it’s such a visual delight that it has been the filming location for many Hollywood and Italian movies, but this only makes sense – the square is truly sublime.

The Lido

People think of Venice and think of antiquated buildings overlooking murky canals, grand palaces in extravagant settings, or bustling markets by the canal, but the last thing they consider is the gorgeous resort-style stretch of coast that is located just outside of the city proper.

The Lido is a truly fabulous escape from the often-times intensity of the city centre. It’s a fabulous place where you can stroll along a gorgeous stretch of sandy coastline before kicking back in a local bar or cafe.

In the summer, The Lido takes on a truly Adriatic-getaway vibe, ensuring you’ll have the ideal place to relax after experiencing the buzz and vibe of central Venice.

The Rialto Bridge

The Rialto Bridge has to go down as one of the most charmingly elegant in all of Europe, with its unique arch design facilitating not only the foot traffic of canal-crossing Venetians, but also some fantastic little stores, too…

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