After trekking through the crumbling buildings of Pompeii, head out for a true summer session in Italy’s picturesque beaches!

Pompeii is one of South Italy’s top attractions, home to spectacular ancient structures and fascinating history. But another key highlight in the region is the sapphire waters that lap against the jagged clifftop shores. The breath-taking beaches line the country’s coast, with majority free from rough currents and high tides, making them the perfect swimming spots on your Italian holiday! We’ve narrowed down our top best swimming spots around Pompeii, so you can simply head straight there after your adventure of the ancient Romans!

  • Vietri Sul Mare

    A small town nestled in the beautiful province of Salerno, Vietri sul Mare is an oasis of scenic beaches. Home to some of the largest beaches around, with even a couple hidden shorefronts less known by the public. It is one of the easiest places to get to via train, as its one of the only towns that actually has its own station. This leads to many locals from nearby towns or cities to head to this spot as well, with the main beach, known as La Baia, forever crowed in the summer.

  • Amalfi

    Amalfi is the centre of everything, featuring a number of both fashionable beaches and secluded shores. To start off, head to the town’s main beach known as Spiaggia Grande, where both locals and tourists are found. Afterwards, you can head to the Duoglio beach and enjoy one of the region’s most tranquil water spots! Many visitors even rent a boat out for the day to visit the secret coves out at sea for their own little paradise!

  • Baunei in Sardinia

    Head to the stunning Baunei in Sardinia to see the glorious swimming spot of Cala Goloritze. Forming after a landslide in 1962, featuring stunning white jagged rocks and pristine aqua waters. It is listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in all of the Mediterranean, stretching out 200-metres in length. It is on the tougher side to reach this particular beach however, but for those who fork out the effort, will be rewarded greatly by the experience. With a stunning display of natural wonders such as the dramatic limestone arches, steep climbing trails, and some of the most epic lookout points of the entire coastal region! The most popular spot for ambitious walkers is the nearby limestone cliff called ‘The Pinnacle’, which stands at 143 metres in height.

  • Furore Fiord

    It is one of the region’s hidden treasures, listed as Southern Italy’s most magical swimming spot around. A fascinating geological feature, of a massive fjord that has opened and created a small beach. Visitors head visit by heading down the long staircase in the tall clifftop, even venturing up to the stone bridge for a breathtaking view of the entire beachfront. However, due to its size, it does get filled up quickly, so if you are after a good spot to park your towel at, we recommend heading there earlier in the day. After you get sick of the beach, dry off by strolling to the nearby shops and restaurants.

  • Positano

    This is of course on our list, as no visit to the Southern Italy region is complete without a visit to this picturesque swimming spot! Positano is famous for its beauty, with their main beach known as Grande Beach is by far it’s most popular swimming spot. Featuring colourful umbrellas and lounge chairs that line the silver-grey stone beachfront, with luxurious restaurants and cars seen in the backdrop. Visitors can spend the day hopping from their lounge chair to the sea to the local café nearby, getting the chance at seeing how the locals live in the sweet summer air!

  • Cetara

    Cetara might not have as big as reputation to its neighbouring towns, but its beauty is like no other. Cetara’s beach, known as Marina di Cetara, is picture perfect, featuring an ancient watch tower, colourful fishing boats, and of course Southern Italy’s trademark sapphire waters. The town’s buildings are right along the shore, so the beachfront is always swarming with both tourists and locals alike. As a fishing village, the town offers exceptional seafood, particularly fresh tuna being a big hit! Due to the actual position of this beach, it’s also great for windsurfing, so you can enjoy a adrenaline inducing adventure in between your sunbaking!

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