Don’t simply daydream in quarantine but instead plan your next adventure for when travel laws drop!

Italy is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, so it’s no wonder it’s on your bucket list for when your quarantining ends. But where to start? Plan ahead of schedule and organise your entire trip to Italy while you are stuck inside during iso! Take a look at our favourite spots and see which one interests you for your next adventure!

  • Rome

    Of course, Rome is the first on our list, with a trip to Italy is not complete without visiting the country’s capital. Packed to the brim with historic landmarks, ancient artworks, and stunning tourist spots, Rome is a never-ending adventure! Treat yourself with the delicious food, perfect tourist spots, and learn about the vast history as you are travelling around the region. It is truly a romantic city, with the architecture, music, and atmosphere dazzling even the fussiest traveller.

  • Vatican City

    Hidden within the walls of Rome is the picturesque Vatican City. Known as the smallest country in existence, it is completely made up of stunning artworks and ancient buildings. Even if you aren’t a religious person, you will be amazed by the entire city’s dedication to their religion, with the region showing their devotion via stunning art and architecture.

  • Tuscany

    Serving up some of the country’s best wine, Tuscany is perfect for those looking for a tranquil wine adventure amidst the stunning landscape of lush greenery and ancient buildings. The hilltop area is bursting with the winery after winery, each with a delicious restaurant and even accommodation to go with it! Guaranteeing you enchanting views of the cypress-topped hillsides as you sip on the famous wine drops of the area!

  • Florence

    Listed as one of the country’s most iconic cities, Florence is truly a romantic spot to visit. Picture perfect no matter what street you wander down, visitors can head to the popular spots such as Ponte Vecchio, Piazza Della Signoria and even Piazzale Michelangelo. Here you can watch the sunrise over the city, enjoy the stunning scenery as nearby buskers play an Italian tune for a truly special experience. Florence is famous for its food, so no matter if you are looking for some cheap grub or a fancier affair, the delicious range of cuisines will be worth the visit!

  • Venice

    Skip the car rides for a bit and trade them in for boats, with Venice being famous for its canals that run through the 118 small islands that make up this city. It is the largest Grand Canal in existence, with the beautifully designed waterways and buildings making Venice one of the prettiest cities to visit within Italy. Spectacular palaces from the Renaissance and Gothic periods are nestled along the cities’ waterways and central squares a bustling with both locals and tourists alike. After hopping off the boat, get lost along the cobblestone streets, admiring the art and finding cafes along the way until you have to ask a friendly local for directions!

  • Amalfi Coast

    If you are looking for a true beach holiday, the Amalfi Coast is perfect for you! A popular holiday destination for a local of Italy as well, with the small cities and towns dotted with colourful buildings, lively bars and restaurants, and stunning beach spots! The entire region of the Amalfi Coast stretches 50 kilometres along the sea, so there are plenty of spots to choose from when cruising around the region. After discovering all the jagged clifftop views and friendly towns, rent a boat and head out to the outer region of the ocean, discovering hidden sea caves and deserted reef spots!

  • Pompeii

    Take a trip back in history to the time where the Romans ruled the region when you visit the ancient city of Pompeii. A historic city preserved over time by the volcanic eruption in 79 AD, Pompeii is one of the best well-preserved areas in existence, home to artefacts, skeletons, and buildings which are thousands of years old. Visitors can spend a day imagining what life was like back in that time, following the professional guides who have extensive knowledge about each building and artefact found within.

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