Rome is still easily one of the best places to visit in Europe. It has everything: ancient architecture, fascinating history and an elegant vibe that makes it a dreamy place to simply wander around!

But trust us when we say you might not want to visit at the peak of summer. This is when the crowds and temperatures rise sharply; when you will sweat up a storm whilst jostling for a spot in the line for the Vatican; and when the city concrete reflects the sun’s rays and makes the dreamy wandering a little more… unpleasant.

So, when is the best time to visit Rome? Easily in the spring from April to May! This is when Rome comes alive with beautiful colour, pleasant sunshine and the crowds haven’t yet engulfed the city’s great landmarks.

A wonderfully laid back vibe takes over the city when the blossoms bloom, and it and makes it all the more joyous for experiencing these unforgettable adventures:

The Colosseum

There is no ancient structure in the world quite like the Colosseum. Sure, you have structures just as grand as this hallowed arena, but none of its magnitude that experienced the same gory history as it.

The Colosseum was home to the grisliest of gladiatorial contests; where many a brutal emperor reigned terror upon the commoners forced to fight to the death on that feared battleground; and a centre of the gory history of this once glorious empire.

Visiting the Colosseum truly gives you the impression of standing there all those years ago – it’s that well-preserved. Just don’t try and sneak in there to catch a snap of yourself drinking a couple of beers like some less-than-intelligent touros did recently!

Vatican City

Allow yourself a refreshing breeze of piety after stepping into that once-macabre battledome by visiting the sublimely peaceful Vatican City. Full of religious grandeur and splendour, the Vatican is home to the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica and Vatican Museums, with each institution sporting some of history’s most important masterpieces.

After, stroll the Vatican Gardens and enjoy some true serenity in the heart of a bustling metropolis.

Roman Forum

The Roman Forum was the magisterial centrepoint of the Roman Empire, where parades were paraded and burials buried. From temples to basilicas, arches and homes, the Forum has plenty to keep you going whilst on your gorgeous springtime Roman holiday…

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