Tours of Rome make the most of your time seeing some of the best parts of the historic city.

Millions of people travel to Rome yearly to see the ancient sights and walk around the city that is full of history. When doing a tour, you’ll save time going to the iconic sights with a tour guide who’ll tell you about the history.

There are many tours in Rome that take you to see historic sights or to the Vatican Museums in Vatican City. To explore every corner of Rome here are some of the best tours to do to get the best experience.

Spend a day exploring Rome and Vatican City

If you only have a day in Rome, this tour is ideal to see the best parts of Rome and also Vatican City.
You start the day in Vatican City to see the incredible art collection in the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. There is artwork created by Raphael, da Vinci, Michelangelo, van Gogh, and many more talented painters.

When you’ve seen the glamorous paintings from hundreds of years ago, you’ll then go see St Peter’s Basilica. You’ll be free to explore the inside of the basilica to see the iconic collection of masterpieces from Michelangelo and Bernini.

You’ll have a lunch break and meet back up with your tour guide at the main attraction in Rome, the Colosseum. The 2000 year old structure once held gladiator battles where there would be over 60,000 spectators watching. You’ll walk around the massive amphitheatre while hearing stories from the battles that happened here.

Then you walk down the cobblestone street and explore the Roman Forum. The Roman Forum was once one of the most important areas in Rome. The area was once marble buildings, but now it’s a large area of ancient ruins.

Your tour guide organises skip-the-line tickets! You’ll have these tickets for the Vatican Museums and the Colosseum.

Historic walking tour of Rome

Follow a local guide around Rome and see the best parts of the city all on foot! This walking tour is one of the best ways to see iconic sights in Rome in a few hours.

Start the tour by going to one of Rome’s prettiest places, the Piazza Navona. Here you’ll see palaces, ancient churches, the iconic Bernini’s Fountain, and the Fountain of the Moro.

On the way to your next stop, you’ll walk by the church San Luigi dei Francesis. Then when you arrive at Piazza della Rotonda you’ll see one of the most gorgeous buildings, the Pantheon. The building is gorgeous, and historic people are buried inside like the Painter Raphael, King Umberto I, and King Vittorio Emanuele II.

Another iconic sight you go to is the beautiful Trevi Fountain where you’ll have the chance to throw a coin in the water. You’ll then go to Piazza di Spagna where you’ll see the Spanish Steps, Barcaccia Fountain, and Trinta dei Monti.

Tours around Rome give you the best experience to explore the ancient city. You’ll be among the millions of people who love visiting the city to see the beautiful attractions and historic places.

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