Start digging out some of your nicest clothes as Florence is one of the fashionable cities!

Florence is one of the fashion cities in Italy, so a lot of people are walking around looking their best. So, why not have some fun and pack some fashionable outfits during your stay in Florence? Depending on the time of year you go, you may want to pack different outfits to suit the weather.


During summer you will want to try to stay cool as much as possible as it can get extremely hot on some days. You may want to bring some lightweight clothing like a dress, or a nice shirt with shorts.

Keep in mind some places you visit in Florence (like the Florence Duomo) have a dress code. Typically, the dress code is to make sure you have your knees and shoulders covered.


You’ll be glad when the days start cooling down after a hot summer. Wearing denim is a great option, keeping you dressed well and also warm when the night hits and it cools down. Even a long length skirt or dress is another option to wear.

You can wear a nice top or shirt, and even try to get a pattern in there if you can! Ensure you bring a jacket if you’re planning to be out at night.


Winter hits and you can finally start wearing layers! You’ll want to make sure you’re dressed properly to keep warm, especially if you’re outside for the day.

You’ll want to wear long pants and a thick top, a sweater or a hoodie, and a coat. A great coat option that goes with all outfits is a trench coat.


Winter is finally over, and the weather is warming up. Like autumn, you may want to go for a denim look or wear a jumpsuit, nice shorts, a dress, or a skirt.

The top can be plain, or you can go with a pattern look. Keep an eye on the weather to see if you need to bring a jacket or wear a long sleeve shirt.

I’ve got my best outfits planned, where should I go?

When you are looking chic, you can go to some fine dining restaurants and indulge in a delicious meal. Do some photoshoots in front of iconic buildings in Florence, or you can do some shopping.

What do I wear if I plan on sightseeing all day?

On days when you’re planning to go sightseeing all day, make sure you wear something comfortable, especially shoes as you’ll be on your feet all day.

If you visit the Florence Duomo, make sure you have your knees and shoulders covered to stick to the dress code.

Florence is a fun city to be in, and even better when you can dress up a bit more and have fun on your trip. Try to visit a winery (or two) and have delicious local wines and eat a true Tuscany-style lunch while you’re out!

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