Italy remains one of the world’s top travel destinations, and why not? Being a country so full of ancient architecture, fascinating history, sumptuous regional cuisine and spectacular scenery, it’s only natural that Italy tops the must-travel list!

There are many things you shouldn’t dream of missing when visiting Italy, but of course it all comes down to how long you have and how far through the mesmerising country you can actually travel.

But here are a few not misses we will provide you as a guide to get your unforgettable Italian holiday off the ground:

Don’t miss Rome’s historical sites

Whether you know your Caligulas from your Tiberiuses or don’t know who either of them are, you simply cannot miss Rome’s historical sites. Apart from them providing a glorious snapshot into a time some 2,000 years behind us, they are replete with miraculous architecture in a style that can only come out of ancient times.

You shouldn’t pass on the classics, with the likes of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum topping the list, and you shouldn’t pass on visiting the more recent, more pious Vatican City – the Catholic world’s ornate centrepoint!

Don’t miss the Tuscan countryside

Yes, Florence is stunning, being the “Cradle of the Renaissance” and for good reason, but it’s the Tuscan countryside that truly inspires the senses. The bucolic green, red, orange and yellow hues that paint the hilly land are like nowhere else in Italy (or the world for that matter!), creating a stunning backdrop to a luxurious experience full of fine food and wine.

What’s more, travelling the Tuscan countryside provides the opportunity to see sites like the unmistakable Leaning Tower of Pisa, as well as check out some truly gorgeous towns like Lucca and San Gimignano.

Don’t miss the Amalfi Coast

Italy, being a long nation, has an incredibly varied geological makeup that switches from alps in the north to Mediterranean climes in the south – and such Mediterranean beauty should not be missed.

The Amalfi’s beauty is quite astounding even for those who already have an idea of what it looks like! Its giant clifftops overlooking pastel-housed hillsides and glistening turquoise waters are the stuff of inspired awe, where you can gaze out across the dazzling sea before dropping down for a delicious limoncello cocktail on a glitzy beach.

This is what makes the Amalfi the Amalfi, and it is truly luxe…

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