When people think of Florence they think of lavish Renaissance architecture, sumptuous Tuscan cuisine and Michelangelo’s David.

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They think of meandering around the Uffizi Gallery before wolfing down bistecca alla fiorentina with a few glasses of fine Chianti.

And, you know what, they wouldn’t be thinking wrong, for all the things that you can do in Florence are the things that make it unmistakably excellent.

So, what makes Florence one of Italy, and Europe’s, most beloved tourist cities? Why is it that millions of people each year flock to the city’s galleries, gardens, towers and trattorias?

Let’s find out below…

It’s the centre of the Renaissance

Did we say “centre”? We meant, “The Cradle of the Renaissance”! Yes, Florence is the centerpoint of where Italy transitioned from the Middle Ages into modernity, where stunning architecture, art and ideas combined to shine a light on civilisation.

They haven’t forgotten it, either, with Florence now being home to some of the period’s most important masterpieces from some of the true masters of the time.

Whether you’re wandering around the Accademia en route to see its grand attraction in Michelangelo’s David or taking your time in the Uffizi to marvel at the likes of Botcelli’s The Birth of Venus and da Vinci’s Adoration of the Magi, there is plenty of incredible works to experience in this most luxuriously artistic town.

Tantalising Tuscan cuisine

Tuscany is one of the world’s great food and wine regions, right? And with an abundant list of local dishes and stunning regional wines to enjoy, you can trust that your taste buds won’t be disappointed in Firenze.

All you have to do is wander down any elegant side street and drop into a local trattoria where you will find the likes of bistecca alla fiorentina, pappardelle al cinghiale and ribollita awaiting to fill your hungry bellies after a day of art appreciation!

Head for the hills

One of the things that makes Florence so spectacular is its wonderfully close proximity to some of Italy’s most vibrant countryside. Tuscany has its own distinctive hue, with stunning reds, golds and browns painting the bucolic countryside at all times of the year.

Do yourself a favour: hire a Vespa, ride that thing out of town and make a few stops at some of the region’s world class wineries – the cellar doors are something else!

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