Italy is so rich in outstanding attractions, it’s hard to narrow down to one list!

Home to many of the world’s greatest works of art, architecture and food, Italy excites and inspires every traveller that enters. It is the home to a number of incredible masterpieces, ranging from art, architecture, and historic landmarks. But where does one start? Seeing them all during your holiday in Italy can be quite a challenge, but we’ve made easier for you! Listing our favourite places within this glorious country that is well worth the stop in!

  • The Colosseum, Rome

    Undoubtedly listed on every traveller’s bucket list, this ancient landmark holds an incredible amount of importance to the city of Rome. It was once the amphitheatre for the ancient games of Rome, such gladiator flights and even public educations. It was built in 72.A.D by Empire Titus Flavius Vespasianus who commissioned the Colosseum as a gift to the Roman people to enjoy. The size of it must be seen to believed, as photos don’t do it justice, it is so grand that it took 20 years for the entire building to be built.

  • The Canals, Venice

    There is nothing as romantic as travelling on a gondola ride through the canals of Venice. Venice is a unique place to visit, with canals instead of streets, A tradition that travellers have been partaking in for centuries. Venice is a city of islands, and the canals have long been the city’s main streets, connected by a labyrinth of narrow passageways. Lining the canals are old buildings that have remained relatively unchanged for hundreds of years, adding to the romantic charm. The Grand Canal is the most famous of these waterways and one of the most photographed sites in Venice. The best way to see many of the grand palaces, whose fronts face the water, is from a Vaporetto ride along the Grand Canal.

  • Pompeii

    Step back in time and see the ancient ruins of Pompeii, listed as the second most visited place in all of Italy. This archaeological site is a World Heritage Site, showcasing the ruins of an ancient Roman city that was destroyed by the nearby volcano Mt. Vesuvius in AD 79. It offers guests a unique experience unlike any other, giving an insight into the way of life of this ancient society. Wander around the streets of Pompeii, entering into the buildings and seeing the ancient artefacts.

  • The Blue Grotto, Amalfi Coast

    Along the edge of Italy’s coast is an enchanting natural phenomenon named the Blue Grotto. Hidden in sea cave between the jagged rocks of the island Capri, the sapphire blue waters of the ocean glow in the dark! The reason for this natural spectacle is due to the natural light coming through a hole in the cave and reflecting up against the water so it seems as if it is glowing! Visitors cruise out in small boats and slowly entering the cave one by one by one, enchanting each tourist with the mesmerising colour!

  • Leaning Tower of Pisa

    The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most recognisable landmarks in the world, listed on a mass amount of Pisa’s postcards and advertisements. The buildings of the tower first began in the 1100s, Work began on the tower in the 1100s, and the sinking began by the time the tower reached the third story. Before it was restored in the 1990s, it was predicted to completely topple over by the year 2000. restoration work in the 1990s, it was predicted to topple over by the year 2000. Nowadays, visitors can go up the stairs of the tower, climbing up to see the stunning view of the city from the top! Many visitors travel to this tower for the iconic snapshot of them holding up the Pisa with their bare hands!

  • Vatican City, Rome

    Hidden within the bustling city of Rome lies the Vatican City. An iconic destination said to be home of history’s greatest works of art and a number of the most recognisable landmarks in the world. Listed as one of the most popular must-see sights in Rome, the Vatican City is bursting with incredible architecture, history and art. As it is the smallest country in the world, measuring just over 100 acres, it is an easy destination to do in a day or two. Wander the art galleries, learn about the history, and discover the fascinating religious traditions which shape this region.

  • Duomo di Milano, Milan

    It is one of the world’s largest churches is the magnificent Cathedral of Santa Maria Nascente, also known as Duomo di Milano. Held in the bustling city of Milan, it is known for being one of the examples of the flamboyant Gothic style once popular in the 1300s. The complex architecture and art of the church have been created over six centuries, and it isn’t even complete yet, with still areas of the building needing construction. It was a staggering number of statues, a grand total of 2,245 marble and 135 stone pinnacles. When visiting make sure to go see the ruby red light blub that marks the spot where one of the nails of Jesus’ crucifixion was allegedly placed.

  • Roman Forum, Rome

    Rome has no shortage of popular landmarks to see during your Italian adventure! The Roman Forum, although low on our list, is just as iconic as the rest! Visitors can walk the paths of the once-thriving main city centre of the ancient Roman Empire. Crumbling buildings and statues still lie here, helping folk picture how this region once must have been. Visiting with a guide is recommended as no signs or information boards cover the attraction, with only the guide’s vast knowledge of each stone stump or grassy region helping visitors understand what was where.

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