Italy is one of the most stunning countries in the world. All the regions are unique and beautiful. But which is the most beautiful region?

It is hard to really pinpoint which is the most beautiful region in Italy. They all offer something unique and are all beautiful in their own way. But if we had to pick, Tuscany is one of the more popular and beautiful regions in Italy. People visit Tuscany all year round. Tuscany has so much to offer. It has some of the best wine regions! And also the Leaning Tower of Pisa, medieval cities and one of the most romantic cities in Italy; Florence.

Florence is the capital of Tuscany and known for its art, culture and monuments. The city is busy all year round and it makes sense why it is. When you are in Florence, it is then you’ll realise just how beautiful it is and why people come visit. The buildings, Arno River, the gardens and the historical monuments are all unforgettable. It’s a city covering everything you want. You can take a bike tour and ride the streets of Florence. During this bike tour you can see the city’s most popular landmarks. From the Piazza della Repubblica to the Duomo and Santa Maria Novella.

Museums and art galleries

Florence has many famous museums and galleries including the Galleria Dell’Accademia. This museum has the famous Michelangelo’s David statue. You can also see work from artists like Sandro Botticelli, Jacopo da Pontormo and Andrea del Sarto. Or visit the Uffizi Gallery where you can see Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus. Plus, you can see other works by Michelangelo, Davinci and Raffaello. The gallery also showcases ancient statues and busts from the Medici family.

Florence Cathedral

When in Florence, be sure to see the Florence Cathedral, which was first opened in 1436. You can see inside the cathedral for free. When you’re inside you can do a tour to climb the stairs in the dome to get to the terrace. The lookout from the terrace offers the best view of Florence. You can only access these views from the terrace on a tour.


Florence has some of the finest Italian wines. Many wineries can give you a tour around their estates and inform you on their best wines while you get to try them. The city’s more popular wineries are Castella di Verrazzano, Montefioralle and Enoteca Falorni. Or you can visit the nearby region Chianti which is between Florence, Arezzo and Siena. This region has the best vineyards in Tuscany and is worth a visit if you are into your wines.

Oh bella Italia, you’re beautiful! When are you visiting this stunning piece of Europe?

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