Ah, Roma, the Eternal City, the metropolis where history’s most formidable empire was formed on the grounds of gory gladiatorial fights and maniacal emperors.

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Today, Rome maintains plenty of its ancient grandeur whilst offering up a more laid back, cosmopolitan elegance, perfect for both history buffs and those looking to enjoy a little Italian extravagance!

So, what is the best way to tour this wondrous city of empire? Well, you could stroll, take the subway or rent a Vespa, but these options wouldn’t teach you the finer details of this epic city and its – at times – bizarre historical intrigues.

We recommend taking a tour with someone who is truly in the know about, well, all there is to know about the Eternal City, and here are a few to get you thinking:

Rome day tour with Colosseum & Vatican City

The Colosseum and the Vatican City are the two main attractions of the great city (despite the Vatican being its own city-state!). So, there is absolutely no excuse to miss even one of these unforgettable sites, as they both offer such a fabulous insight into the depth of history surrounding this ancient citadel.

A Colosseum and Vatican tour will teach you all about the bloody contents that built the Colosseum and the religious piety that built the Vatican, with each site proving a stark contrast to the intentions of the other.

Rome private tours

Because touring with a big group isn’t always for everyone! You may like to experience the beautiful city with your own private guide, customising your itinerary to see the sites you want to see. If you’ve always been super keen on the Roman Forum but not so fussed about Palatine Hill – customise it, and your local, incredibly knowledgeable guide will make it so…

Rome historical tours

Okay, so we know Rome is a city full of sites. We’ve been through the Colosseum, the Vatican, Palatine Hill and the Forum, but we haven’t even got to the incredible Trevi Fountain or inspiring Spanish Steps!

Well, on a Rome historical tour, your guide will take you to these beautiful works of architectural genius as well as to the legendary Pantheon, burial ground of some of the city’s most famous sons.

The choice is yours

See, there are plenty of ways to tour the wondrous city of Rome – it’s just up to personal preference on how you want to enjoy that slice of la dolce vita.

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