Grand old Italia has long been one of Europe’s favourite destinations, owing to its stunning architectural, cultural and natural diversity!

From the northwest’s gorgeous Cinque Terre to Rome’s unmistakable monuments to the south and Pompeii’s eerie allure, Italy is a land that can easily make its own European vacation without the need to visit, say, France or Spain…

But what is the best tourist attraction in Italy? Well, we can’t answer that! Italy is full of remarkable attractions that make it what it is: a world-class holiday destination!

So, for fun’s sake, we will talk you through a couple of their incredible attractions and why they make part of a more diplomatic list of Italy’s best tourist attractions:

The Colosseum

Because there is no other structure in the world like the Colosseum. Not only is this ancient, gigantic arena still standing in all its well-preserved glory, but the history that accompanies it truly makes it worth the tour!

The Colosseum was once home to Ancient Rome’s gladiatorial battles, where hardened men and women were forced to fight one another (and sometimes emperors) on the arena’s gory battlefield.

Needless to say, these poor souls didn’t carry long life expectancies, and today their trials are part of the fascinating tour of this grizzly thunderdome.

Vatican City

For a more peaceful, pious tourist attraction, and one that is worth the visit whether you’re Catholic or not, the Vatican City is a delightful testament to religious devotion.

Sure, pilgrims from all over the world flock to the Vatican to experience its holy wonder, but even atheists and agnostics can enjoy the lush beauty and stunning masterpieces that line the Vatican’s cathedrals.

Have you ever wanted to see Michelangelo’s The Last Judgement in person? Cool, crane your head upwards – it adorns the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling! What’s more, the Vatican Museums is home to an estimated 70,000 works from some of the Renaissance and resulting periods’ most illustrious artists – it’s all worth it on a tour of the marvellous Vatican…


Pompeii joins this list as it is without a doubt one of the world’s strangest tourist attractions. A Roman citadel once buried beneath Mount Vesuvius’ volcanic ash and pumice lives again, and you can see it all on your journey down to fascinating Napoli and the gorgeous Amalfi Coast (two other pretty amazing Italian places to visit…).

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