The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore is one of the finest examples of Italian Gothic architecture.

More commonly known as the Florence Duomo, it is celebrated for its enchanting beauty and the beautiful artwork it holds within. You can tour the inside of the duomo, and also climb it! The cathedral’s immense popularity among tourists means it can get very crowded during the day.

To avoid the rush, we recommend arriving at the Duomo to start the climb as soon as the dome opens – 8:15am. The cathedral opens at 10:15am every day apart from Sunday, so you can enjoy exploring this too.

Ascend to the heavens

If you’re feeling up for it, you won’t regret climbing to the top of the Duomo! Put your legs to work and ten stories and 463 steps up (no, there isn’t an elevator!) , you’ll be rewarded with panoramic vistas of Florence and beyond. The Duomo ceiling and surrounding marble, sandstone and brick are an absolute marvel.

There’s also the option of climbing up the northern terraces and enjoy views from the cathedral rooftop- that’s only 153 steps up.

Marvel at the grand interior

The duomo can be easily spotted from around the city thanks to its distinctive red dome and orna te green and white marble facade. The gothic interior It houses a collection of paintings and statuary by artists from the Renaissance era that are sure to amaze!

As you enter the Duomo, you will no doubt be taken aback by its sheer size. Inside, you’ll discover detailed frescoes, stunning stained glass windows, sculptures and a breathtaking mosaic floor. There are several areas to walk through – the main cathedral area, crypt, and museum. The Museo dell’Opera del Duomo contains more art from the cathedral complex.

History of the Florence Duomo

The most significant feature of the cathedral, the dome, was designed by Filippo Brunellesci. Several architects are credited for building the Duomo itself, including painter and architect Giotto and architect Andrea Pisano. After Giotto’s passing, a number of other architects took over the project and continued his work to complete the breathtaking landmark that now attracts over 30000 annual visitors. At the time of its construction in 1436, the Duomo was the largest church in the world, able to hold 30,000 people.

Take a tour around Florence Duomo

Join our tour to skip the queues at the Duomo for a tour and climb of this incredible landmark!

Led by a professional guide, you’ll quickly discover why this is considered one of Florence’s top destinations as you gaze up at Vasari’s and Zuccari’s intense painted frescoes.
Our Florence Duomo Tour then turns upwards as we climb the 153 stairs to the northern terrace and the cathedral’s impressive rooftop. Despite being closed to the public for centuries, you’ll get a special opportunity to follow the narrow open-air corridors that offer unparalleled panoramic views of the city.

Afterwards, we’ll make our way to the circular room – another area of the Duomo that’s typically off-limits to the public. Accessible only with our tour, you’ll get to admire the inspired 16th-century statues that once sat upon the facade of the Duomo.

As you explore this remarkable space, you can also watch expert restorers return these statues to their former glory. Finally, you’re welcome to climb to the top of the Cupola and soak up the stunning 360-degree views of Florence, as well as the wonderful ‘Last Judgement’ frescoes.

The Duomo is the centerpiece of Florence, and this exclusive tour across its rooftop is the ideal way to experience this centuries-old marvel.

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