The Amalfi Coast is home to a range of extraordinary spots to visit, with pristine beaches, charming town, and historic attractions.

But undoubtedly one of the top places to visit along this stunning coastline is Naples. With visitors flocking to see the incredible sights and activities this city has to offer!

  • The Home Place of Pizza

    Italy is the proud inventor of the world-famous pizza, but did you know that the very first slice ever created was in Naples. Back in the day, the city started offering easy takeaway meals to poor workers, serving flatbreads with an array of toppings on top. The local baker named Raffaele Esposito, added the tomato sauce, cheese, and herbs to create the first Margherita Pizza! The city is still famous for their pizza, with dozens of restaurants competing to produce the best pizza in all of Naples!

  • Historic Hotspot

    The history buffs will fall head over heels in love with Naples, with exceptional historic attractions and ancient artefacts dotted about. There two royal palaces, three castles, and countless ruins to see about the city, some only a short walk from popular hotel spots, where others are a bigger hike. The Naples Museum is also full of the historic gem, including fantastic artefacts from the tragic 79 AD volcanic eruption. Such as the body casts of some of Pompeii’s residents who were caught in the eruption and perished. The casts show how these citizens last moments were, with a mother holding onto her baby, were others are curled up on the ground. Giving visitors a greater insight into the terrible events in 79 AD.

  • Churches Overload

    Even if you aren’t religious, these churches are sure to inspire you-being beautiful in their long history and stunning beauty. There are over 500 different churches within Naples, ranging from gothic, neoclassical, baroque, and more. Found dotted along small alleyways or centre stage in the city’s squares, every church here is worth seeing! However, Naples Cathedral is by far the biggest attraction around, built-in 1200 and featuring astonishing architecture.

  • The City’s Hidden City

    Looking for another great attraction, well it’s right under your nose! Literally! With the city containing a completely underground world of ruins from both Greek and Roman periods. It is known as the ‘Napoli Sotteranea,’ and features a labyrinth of ruins underneath the city region. spreading throughout the area. One of the coolest spots to see is the Roman market, with storefront’s walls and ceilings still preserved, with even a pizza oven remaining. Found right under the San Lorenzo Maggiore church, it is truly a worthwhile spot to see while in Naples.

  • Markets Galore

    Europe is renowned for its markets, with Naples upholding the continent’s reputation! Home to a range of markets throughout the week. Fuorigrotta Market is a daily event set up on the city’s cobblestone streets. Selling a variety of goods such as freshly caught seafood, unique antiques, and even some local fruit and veg.

  • The Presepi

    Also known as the nativity scenes, the Presepi is a very serious affair in Naples. Occurring during the Christmas holiday, each home pops up their own Presepi, similar to how others put up Christmas trees, you can walk down every local lane and see the old beloved presepi decorated by each household. During Christmas time, the best lane to wander down is their Via San Gregorio Armeno, also known as the Christmas Alley. Here the streets are covered in hand made Christmas decorations, fairy lights, and brilliant holiday festive charm!

  • Superb Opera

    Naples Teatro di San Carlo Opera house is by far the glamorous place to visit. Delighting visitors since its creation in 1737, this stunning building lets you step back in time to enjoy the fabulous ceiling frescoes, detailed wallpaper, and of course, the epic concerts held here. Take a look at the concert’s calendar when visiting and see one of the splendid musical events, marvelling at the fine music that drifts through this impressive building.

  • Catacombs of San Gennaro

    For a gruesome adventure, head to Naple’s catacombs of San Gennaro-known for being the resting place for some of the city’s oldest residents. The underground burial site displays the skeletons of these residents to create a truly unique beauty. Creating a shocking and gruesome display of skeletons but displayed stunningly. Creating walls of skulls, or even shapes made from bones! Simply stroll through and be enchanted by this unusual tourist attraction!

  • Amalfi’s Base Point

    Naples is one of the biggest cities along the Bay of Naples, as well as being the most central. Making this bustling city one of the go-to base points in the entire Amalfi Coast. Many visitors base themselves here, and enjoy day trips out to nearby attractions such as Sorrento, Pompeii, and even Herculaneum. Coming back to Naples for a delicious dinner and a fabulous view of the sunset reflected on the coastal seaside!

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