Capri, the original home of the glitterati, still holds its place as one of Italy’s most desirable destinations. From its amazing attractions to its sublime natural beauty, its elegant towns and high-end shopping, Capri has long been a place where bucolic Italian charm meets bold Italian glamour.

Apart from being an international luxury hotspot Capri is also famous for its awesome attractions, all of which can be enjoyed even if you didn’t arrive on the island via superyacht!

Here are just a few of those unforgettable attractions:

The Piazzetta

We’re calling it: Capri’s Piazzetta is possibly the world’s most enchanting town square. This elegantly compact piazza has Capri’s gorgeous mountains overlooking its sophisticated yellow buildings, and it’s the place where locals and travellers come to enjoy morning coffee, before-dinner aperitifs and post-dinner digestivos.

It’s the perfect place in Capri to find your bearings, immerse yourself in the island’s extravagance and enjoy the relaxed island vibe…

The Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto has long enchanted its visitors, ever since the mad emperor Tiberius held his tyrannical reign over Ancient Rome. Tiberius would probably turn in his grave to know that travellers from across the world can now enjoy this stunning cave, but he sounded like a pretty shabby bloke, so who cares what he would have thought?

The Blue Grotto is one of Italy’s most divine attractions, an illuminated coastal cave system where the sunlight illuminates its mesmerising waters to the most ethereal effect.

To get to the Blue Grotto you will have to hop a water taxi that may contain a singing driver, and this is all part of the exuberant fun that is venturing into this wondrous cave system.

The Gardens of Augustus

The Gardens of Augustus encapsulate Capri’s natural beauty, being a perfectly-manicured landscape that stretches out to some of Italy’s most beguiling views.

Not only this, but the gardens lead the way to one of the most majestic rock formations in all of Europe, with the giant Faraglioni leaping out of the water in perfect juxtaposition to the vibrant gardens.

Take a swim

After all, you’re on the Amalfi Coast, and there is no better place to refresh your senses than in its invigorating turquoise waters. You can either chill on the beach or, better yet, hire a captained-boat to take you to some of the awesome swimming spots that this enchanting island has in abundance…

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