The Amalfi Coast has long been Italy’s glamorous centrepoint, a place where the glitterati lazed by the seaside and paraded around cliff top mansions.

Today, the Amalfi Coast hasn’t lost any of its charm, being replete with stunning beaches, gorgeous vistas and friendly locals serving up unforgettable local cuisine and experiences!

Whilst we do recommend spending multiple days on the Amalfi, taking in each of its unique towns and the world famous isle of Capri, there is still plenty to enjoy if you find yourself ducking down for the day from Naples.

Here are a couple of ways to spend a day on the Amalfi Coast:


Positano, maybe you haven’t heard of it, but you’ve definitely seen it. Why? Because this picturesque little village is home to one of the woCapri rld’s most photographed beach fronts.

You probably follow someone on Instagram who has made a very serious point of getting a snap on that shore and in front of that famed, pastel-home lined hillside, and yes, you know exactly the one we mean!

But its stunning beauty is the reason why people take such pics there and exactly why you could easily spend a day on Spiaggia Grande, renting out a beach lounge, sipping cocktails and cooling off in that lurvely Mediterranean water.

What’s more, Positano is just a really charming town to meander, with gorgeous cobbled streets of art galleries and cafes providing the perfect place to relax and enjoy a most peaceful day on the Amalfi Coast…


Capri is famous for many things: A-listers, high-end stores, the main square and stunning beaches, and there are numerous ways you can pass the time on this glittering island off the coast.

One of the most magical experiences you can have on the Amalfi Coast is the Blue Grotto. Jumping aboard a water taxi (complete with singing pilot), you will be whisked out to the incredible sea caves that turn a fluorescent blue when the light peaks in through its entrances.

Once you have been down to the ethereal Blue Grotto you can come back up to land and meander the sublime Gardens of Augustus, where the flora is perfectly manicured and also where you can walk a little further down for some of the most impressive views in the whole of the Amalfi Coast – we promise it!

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