Pompeii is, hands down, one of the world’s strangest landmarks.

Pompeii Day Tour

This unique attraction is built upon eerie foundations, having been a Roman citadel buried by the ash and pumice of Mount Vesuvius in Ad 79.

Terrible for its inhabitants, yes, but today Pompeii serves as one of Italy’s most famous attractions, a place where you can gain an incredible insight into how life was before that fateful day almost 2,000 years ago!

People travel from far and wide to catch glimpses of the amazingly well-preserved villas, amphitheatres, colonnades and recreation centres, with the site being perfect for history lovers and everyday travellers alike.

So, given the popularity of this bizarre attraction, there must be plenty to see there, right? And yes, that is right! Pompeii is replete with a beguiling testament to a past time; a ruin that time had once forgotten and was dug up again for people to meander at their leisure, marvelling at the structures whilst thinking how terrifying and tragic that day must have been.

So, what are some of these unforgettable sites that await you at the ruined city of Pompeii?

The antiquarium

You will probably be eager to run inside and start gazing upon ancient villas and forums, but the Antiquarium is actually the best place to start on your Pompeii perusal.

Why? Because this interesting museum houses many interactive exhibits and plenty of the artefacts used in everyday life in the doomed citadel.

The forum

The forum, like the forums of other Roman cities, was the city centrepoint, the place where deals were made and business is done. The forum comprises an impressive colonnade that leads up to the wondrous Temple of Jupiter. When there, it’s sobering to think that so much life, so much work was being put in at this very place for a city that would soon be condemned to a fiery end!

The Villa of Mysteries

As far as strange sites at Pompeii go, perhaps this one takes the cake. The Villa of Mysteries has puzzled archaeologists for years, each of them working hard to discover what those strange frescoes are and from what sect did the artist come from?

Many believe these strange frescoes are of an initiation for a Dionysian cult, where the initiate had to go through a series of bizarre rituals to join. Either way, its eeriness adds to the overall vibe of the landmark…

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