Capri is a scintillating jewel on the illustrious Amalfi Coast.

This gorgeous island has two, equally-appealing sides: one that is rustic and natural, and one that is luxurious, one that the world’s A-listers have desired since the 1950s.

These two sides are encapsulated in Capri town and Anacapri – two very different sides of the one island. Capri itself is full of high-end fashion, glamorous nightclubs and cosmopolitan eateries – the kind of place where you live out your modern jetsetter dream.

Anacapri, on the other hand, is more quaint, quiet and welcoming. It has an intimate feel, fewer people and a feeling that it has been left untouched by those looking to capitalise on its neighbour’s international appeal!

And, at the end of the day, having these two sharp contrasts on the one island only furthers Capri’s charm, making it a place where you can experience some superficial splendour one day and escape it to something more tranquil the next.

These magical experiences await you in both Capri and Anacapri:

The Villa San Michele, Anacapri

One of the Amalfi Coast’s most marvellous buildings awaits you in gorgeous Anacapri – the Villa San Michele. Swedish physician Axel Munthe crafted the building in the 19th Century, ensuring that the villa allowed in the stunning sunshine and flowing breezes that bless the island.

Unfortunately for Munthe, he developed an eye condition that rendered him unable to tolerate such bright conditions, but the incredible Villa San Michele still stands today for Anacapri visitors to enjoy for its grand design and luxurious quarters.

The Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is probably the world’s most famous of its kind: a stunningly illuminated sea cave one needs a water taxi to access. This is simply something that cannot be overlooked when on Capri: the way the sunlight filters into the cave and illuminates it is like nothing else you’ll see on your Italian holiday – we guarantee it.

Giardini di Augusto, Capri

Situated just a short walk from Capri town centre, the Giardini di Augusto is one of the most beautifully tranquil places in all of Capri. These gorgeous, well-manicured gardens are not only perfect for their flora, but also provide sweeping views across the Mediterranean and the world famous Faraglioni Rocks, completing what is an incredibly dramatic scene in one of the Amalfi Coast’s most majestic places!

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