The sightseeing spots of Florence isn’t the only thing to enjoy in this wondrous city, being one of the most exciting places to enjoy a drink!

Historical in the world of drinking, with Florence famous for serving some of the best wines around and creating well-known cocktails such as the Negroni. We’ve narrowed down the best wine bars, pubs, and classic gilded cafés in the fashion-forward Florence. Letting you relax and enjoy the fabulous cocktail scene after a full day of exploring!

Caffè Gilli

Being the oldest Café in Florence, this café has only gotten better with time. Nestled in the city central Piazza Repubblica, this spot is truly a Florentine classic. Featuring crystal chandeliers, stunning interior design, and immaculate staff. The cocktail menu is fabulous, with the number one order being the famous and historic Negroni. Invented in the city in 1919, no one makes a Negroni like the bartenders at Café Gilli! Simply set up in the luxury outdoor lounges and slowly sip on a range of delicious drinks, watching the people trudge about the piazza as the sun slowly sets.

Mad Souls & Spirits

In contrast, this bar barely puts in any effort when it comes to its looks, known for being more of a dive bar than anything. However, they save their efforts in looks for the drinks, focusing on serving some of the best drinks Florence can offer. The menu is everchanging, with unusual and unique cocktails being served such as the Flight Insurance (a rum drink with green tea and cinnamon) as well as the Hand Luggage (gin with maraschino). The bar is proud of being one of the most creative cocktail spots around, swapping in wine and spritzes for a truly memorable glass!

Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina

For a remarkable wine experience, head to this tiny and enchanting wine bar! Nestled opposite the grandiose 15th-century Pitti Palace, this bar offers both a stunning view as well as a delicious wine menu to boot. It is so good that it has a local following, with Florentines heading into this charming bar all times of the week. Whether you are a wine snob looking for a historic and memorable glass, or an immature simply wanting to enjoy the atmosphere, Enoteca Pitti Gola e Cantina is sure to woo you!


The Procacci has been a Florentine watering hole since the 1880s. Located in the designer store region of Florence, the bar skyrocketed in popularity when ladies stop for a drink in between or after their shopping sprees. Nowadays, the bar is owned by the Antinori wine-growing family, so it’s guaranteed to have a stunning wine list for those interested. Due to its historic age, the bar has retained its classic look, with elegant tables and chairs, marble-topped counters, and rich wooden interior. If you are a bit peckish, Procacci serves delicate sandwiches to guests, simple but chic, with truffle cream and homemade spreads. The most popular drinks on the menu include their house prosecco as well as their Franciacorta fizz, a perfect glass of bubbly to perk you up for dinnertime.

Enoteca Sant’Ambrogio Caffè

When the weather heats up, this bar takes over the piazza with its cluster of tables and chairs. A local favourite, its easy-going vibes draw in the crowds, with their drink menu making them stay for hours. Due to its central location, many stop here after work or their shop journeys, meeting up with friends or simply people watching to wind down after a busy day. Many locals call out to those passing by, with more and more friends running into each other in this popular watering hole. The wine here is to die for, so simply sit back and relax and immerse yourself in the charming atmosphere of Florence!


One of the most legendary secret speakeasies in Florence, no trip to this city is complete without a visit here! Despite being hidden behind an unmarked door, Rasputin’s reputation makes it one of the most popular spots around. Featuring plenty of glamour of the prohibition era, with low lights, red velvet, and vintage décor. The cocktails a world-famous, with the traditional recipes always available as well as an everchanging specials menu up for grabs. Many of the visitors dress up to match the stylish décor, so make sure to pop on some stylish clothes before ordering from the menu!

Rex Cafè

An unusual setting, where nautical theme meets trippy disco-ball décor, Rex Café is truly a unique bar to visit. Open since 1990, this funky café is a favourite among locals, being one of the best laidback and chic nightlife spots in Florence. Sit down and enjoy the décor, and once it hits 10 pm, you can boogie the night away with the giant DJ-fueled dance party!

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