Pisa is undoubtedly on your list when visiting Italy’s greatest wonders!

Being home to the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa that has appeared in endless postcards, films, books, and more! But if you’ve got a bit more time to spare, why not visit the region’s other great attractions? From historic buildings to stunning artwork, there is a little something for everyone in Pisa!

  • First Stop: Leaning Tower of Pisa

    Before we get into Pisa’s other great landmarks, we must first list the Leaning Tower of Pisa, being the most famous tower to visit in all of Europe. Tilting at a 4-degree angle, this tower is truly a unique landmark, with many tourists doing the clique photoshoot of them ‘holding up the tower’. No matter how many pictures you see of it, seeing this landmark in person is worth the visit, standing up 56 metres, with each level featuring extraordinary detail and beauty.

  • Pisa’s Cathedral

    Simply look to the left of the Leaning Tower and see the next attraction worth your time! Similar in style, the Cathedral is also made in the tower’s white marble- making it a matching set! The Cattedrale di Pisa is a medieval Roman Catholic cathedral, created to honour the Virgin Mary. Developed from the 11th until the 16t century, the building has intricate detail, bronze doors and stunning sculptures, truly a stunning landmark to see when you are visiting Pisa.

  • Pisa Baptistery

    Right next door is the Baptistery of St John, is the largest baptistery in Italy, and truly a beautiful sight to see. It is a perfect example of the transition from Romanesque style to Gothic, with this building having both features hidden throughout. Despite its simple and somewhat bland interior, the exterior of the Baptistery makes up for it with dramatic designs, of high arches, pillars, detailed sculptures, and a colourful rooftop!

  • Camposanto Monumentale

    This Monumental Cemetery is located on the north side of the Piazza del Duomo (Square of Miracles) and is home to a beautiful collection of 14th and 15th-century frescoes by Taddeo Gaddi, Andrea Bonaiuti and Beozzo Gozzoli. Take a stroll through the cemetery’s grounds and appreciate the stunning courtyard area and the precious examples of Medieval and Early Renaissance art adorning Camposanto’s walls.

  • Santa Maria della Spina

    This church may be small, but it has plenty to offer, nestled on the side of the Arno River. Contrasting to its neighbouring buildings, this building is truly a hidden gem, constructed in the 13th century in the Pisan Gothic style. A simple walk along the streets of Pisa and meet this interesting addition to the town, taking a peek inside to see what glories lie within!

  • Natural Park Migliarino San Rossore

    Escape the crowds and explore Pisa’s great greenery section, at the town’s Natural Park Migliarino San Rossore. Only a 15 minute drive away, or a 45-minute bike ride if you are feeling adventurous. Many come here to trek through the woods and waterways dotted about, or even set up a picnic for a romantic setting!

  • Borgo Street

    If you’re needing a break from all the historic buildings, head to Borg Street for some retail fun! Here the street is lined with every shop you can think of, bursting with beautiful buildings and brightly adorned windows. Get a coffee at the charming cafes here and stroll from boutique shops to bars to even the pop up musical performances, soaking up the town’s delightful Italian ambience.

  • Ponte di Mezzo Bridge

    Known as Ponte Conte Ugolino by the locals, this bridge stretches over the region’s central Arno River. Connecting the Piazza Baribaldi to the Piazza XX Settembre, connecting the north of Pisa to the south! The Bridge is known for being one of the best lookout points, with many visiting the spot at sunrise or sunset to see the orange glow reflected on the river’s still surface!

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