COVID-19 has swept across the globe in ways we never expected anything would. As cities spend weeks or months in isolation almost no one has had isolations as strict as Italy.

Slowly, after seven weeks of total lockdown, it looks like Italy may be making the first, very small, steps to easing the restrictions. The European country is still far from returning to life as normal, but this first ease is an important moment, signifying what we hope may be the beginning of the end of Coronavirus.

That said, it doesn’t mean that now isn’t a fantastic time to start planning your next trip to Italy!

If COVID-19 has taught us anything its how much we genuinely value, the freedom to move around places and the privilege to explore new places. Emerging ourselves in new cultures and uncovering the lifestyles of places unfamiliar to us is exciting, thrilling. It gives us an adrenalin rush unlike any other, when we travel, we take risks, we wander into the unknown and trust that we will come out the other side somehow better. And right now, we miss that feeling, and that’s okay!

So, let’s try not to focus too hard on how much we miss that feeling and instead focus on planning for when we get to have it again.

Planning ahead

While flights are far from opening up again, and the chances are we’ll enjoy freedom within our own country well before we can move internationally, that doesn’t mean we can’t get to planning our next trips.

Tourism, domestic and international, will be extremely important to helping to rebuild many economies, and we’ll be ready to help as soon as we can.

With the stress of flight, hotel and transfer bookings all out of the way, for the time being, it’s time to whip out your mood board and get ready to plan the blissful holidays of your dreams.


The first step for any mood board is to choose your theme, in this case, we’re going to use the seasons as a starting point.

One way to do this is to follow the weather, if you are someone who enjoys warmer weather, follow summer to the northern hemisphere, if you prefer cooler weather, follow winter. Once this is decided you can figure out rough dates which will help you plan the rest of the trip.

If following weather is something that appeals to you, from here it is easy to build an itinerary.

If you’re a winter body, why not start in Italy’s north, exploring the alpine and skiing regions before making your way down to the tips of the boot. The more south you go the warmer the weather, so be sure to consider this when planning your trip. If you are travelling towards the end of winter it may be quite warm by the time you reach southern Italy.

Winter isn’t for everyone though, and we’d be amiss to not recognise the appeal of summer weather. Italy has some amazing beach escapes and fantastic Mediterranean climates that may draw you in. Summer also sees a significant increase in tourists and events, so you need to consider if this too! Outdoor events may be appealing, but they will also bring larger crowds.

Events and Festivals

One of our favourite ways to book a holiday is around certain events. We know that rain, hail or shine we’ll have a fantastic time so why not focus on experiencing things we can’t at home, rather than hoping for our preferred weather forecast.

Italy has many amazing events and festivals that may help you plan your next holiday. Catholics and religious people may decide to organise their trip around religious holidays. Italy does home the head of the Catholic Church after all, so it only makes sense you may want to be at the Vatican during Lent, Easter, or Christmas.

Perhaps you’re one for opulence and parties, in that case, you should try and make your way to Italy, specifically Venice, for Carnivale. The almost week-long event is filled with colourful costumes, elaborate masks and renaissance stylings. The event is a fantastic calling card for Venice and a great way to start, or end, your trip!

For many in the southern hemisphere, a White Christmas is nothing but a dream. When December falls in high summer there isn’t much snow for those down south, so the call of a white Christmas is very appealing. An Italian Christmas may not only be white but a great way to explore European cultural traditions. Christmastime sees many outdoor markets appear, showcasing handmade crafts and unique artisan goods.

These are just a few of many events throughout Italy’s bustling calendar. Perhaps we’ve missed an event close to you, or you’d like to travel for your or a mates birthday. Whatever reason, events and special days are a great way to choose your holiday dates.

Out in the regions

No matter how you choose the time of year you travel, chances are you’ll be hitting the major tourism areas; Rome, Florence, Venice, Sicily. But these are not the only regions that have been impacted by Italy’s lockdown.

Some of the hardest hit will be smaller cities and regional towns. You can help these regions by visiting them during your trip. Heading off the tourism trail is a great way to not only see the Italian countryside and discover your new favourite place, but an awesome way to develop your Italian skills and put your travelling skills to the test.

Although it may be too early to book your post isolation trip, you absolutely can start planning! The internet is a wonderful tool, use it to discover new areas of Italy and begin that mood board we keep talking about.

Italy is an amazing country and we cannot wait to help you explore this country once again.

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