When travelling the world your accommodation can, unfortunately, make or break your trip. From misplaced bookings to snoring roomies and everything in between, choosing your accommodation provider is an important decision.

To help release some of the pressure of choosing your bed we’ve compiled a list of our favourite and most trusted accommodation providers in Florence.

  • Bernini Palace Hotel

    Everyone deserves a five-star experience at least once in their life so why not have yours in this stunning 15th century Palace. Sitting just behind the spectacular Uffizi Gallery, its central location is perfect for your luxurious stay in Florence.

    Their large rooms and suites are furnished with bespoke antiques and satin covers. With plenty of space to relax you can recover from your busy days before heading out for an even busier night. This renaissance palace was frequented by parliamentarians during the mid-1800s when Florence was the capital of the Kingdom of Italy.

    The hotel holds much of the governmental history of Florence in its walls, with large frescos devoted to rulers during the 1800s and important parliamentarians permanently residing in its walls. Each floor and room tell a unique story about the history of Florence. Though it may not be the governmental base it once was, buildings such as this are why Florence will forever be the art and cultural capital of Italy.

  • Hotel Duomo

    Stop for a moment and think about the view and not the room. Forget about the spacious, modern rooms with comfortable bedding and plenty of natural lighting. Instead, think about taking the rare opportunity to immerse yourself in the heart of Florence. You’ll practically be touching the cathedral as you lean out your large double window and breathe in the fresh Italian air.

    The 14th-century building was home to the famous Gondi Family, and faces the famous Duomo, hence the hotels name. Rooms are available with views of the precious internal courtyard and greater Florence. No matter what your budget, or group size, Hotel Duomo can cater to your individual needs.

  • Hotel de la Ville

    In the heart of Florence along the main street, you will find the Hotel de la Ville. Shut off from main roads with pedestrian access only, this hotel is a small oasis in the heart of the bustling historic city.

    Hotel de la Ville is perfect for the fashionista and the shopping guru with views over Via Tornabuoni, home to the luxury boutiques of Italian high fashion such as Gucci, Roberto Cavalli and Bulgari. Even if you’re not one for designer brands, simply watching the fashions come and go through this strip is a splendid sight.

    The four-star hotel has an array of incredibly large and luxurious rooms and suites for you to choose from.

  • Antiche Dimore Fiorentine

    As you might have started to gather by now, Florence is home to many beautiful and high-class hotels. However, what should you do if you’re after something a little more relaxed? Head to Antiche Dimore Fiorentine, that’s what!

    This was the first Bed & Breakfast to open in Florence in just 1994. Since then it has built a reputation for having beautiful dwellings for a fraction of the cost. The rooms are all located on the first floor of an old palace and feature artisan-crafted Tuscan furniture and Florentine art.

    Antiche Dimore Fiorentine is the perfect place to enjoy some Italian hospitality and relax into your Florence getaway.

  • Hotel Renaissance

    Sitting in the middle of Florence is the beautiful Hotel Renaissance. This Romanesque building has always been used to welcome guests to Florence, even during its first life. Built during the Middle Ages, the buildings have undergone restoration to complete nine beautiful rooms decorated in the Florentine Renaissance style.

    For an experience unlike any other, book into a room in the medieval tower. They perfectly balance the modern luxury of these suits and renaissance feel of the architecture surrounding you. Hotel Renaissance is an accommodation experience unlike any other in Florence.

  • Relais del Duomo

    If you’re after a nice room and a bed to sleep in, but you’re not one for opulence, head to Relais del Duomo. This Bed & Breakfast has simple, cottage-style rooms that are perfect for the traveller who wants to spend more time in the city and less time in their room.

    Though it may be simple, its location is far from secluded. Found just a few meters from the piazza del duomo, Relais del Duomo treats you to inner-city accommodation without the inner-city price!

  • Palazzo Magnani Feroni

    One of Florence’s top luxury hotels in the Palazzo Magnani Feroni. Located in a 15th-century palace the hotel comprises of 12 suites each fitted out in decadent Florentine design. Enjoy an evening drink in their panoramic terrace, with breathtaking views of the Florence skyline.

    Their large renaissance suites with high ceilings and personal living room space are the perfect place to relax and put your feet up after a day exploring the cobbled streets of this city. Plus, if you’re feeling extra sore after a long day, they offer in-room masseuse services to help you unwind and enjoy your stay.

  • Hotel Pendini

    The art and beauty of the early 1900s combine with modern comforts at the Hotel Pendini. The hotel is spacious and centrally located, with plenty of open, bright spaces for you to enjoy. Staff discretion is a cornerstone of this hotel, making it feel as though your services magically appear and perform themselves. This discretion makes Hotel Pendini truly feel like a home away from home where you can enjoy your privacy and relax into opulent armchairs and lounges.

    Hotel Pendini is located in what was the old Jewish ghetto and is a relatively new structure within the city. Don’t fear though, it is still over 100 years old and has many fascinating architectural quirks for you to explore.

Making your decision

It should come as no surprise that Italy’s art and culture capital has a flair for opulence. No matter where you choose to stay within Florence you’re sure to have a superior experience, with gorgeous Renaissance styling and many historic tales of the buildings you are in.

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