Rome, to answer simply, is always worth visiting.

Visit Rome

The stunning metropolis is home to ancient history, ornate architecture, fine art and even finer food, and consistently ranks among Europe’s most beloved travel destinations.

Whether you’re a history buff taking in the grand Colosseum, a gourmet traveller with an eye for world class cuisine or someone who just wants to enjoy a little dolce vita by sitting at a cafe and watching the vibrant people go by, The Eternal City has something for everyone!

Let’s take a look at what makes Rome such a wondrous destination…

Ancient history in abundance

Rome was the centre point for one of history’s most formidable empires, the aptly named Roman Empire, so it’s no wonder that the city is the best place to marvel at some of its exploits. From the incredible Colosseum, where gladiators were forced to fight to their deaths in the name of gory entertainment, to the stunning Pantheon, the most lavish Roman church, as well as the array of sites at the Roman Forum, this city is a history lover’s paradise.

The incredible Vatican

Whether you’re religious or not, the Vatican is a truly remarkable sight to see. This incredible city-state, located right near the city centre, is home to the head of the Catholic Church, as well as some of its most amazing buildings and artworks. Take your time to meander around its grounds, taking in the frescoes at the Sistine Chapel, the masterpieces at the Vatican Museums and the catacombs of St. Peter’s Basilica, it’s all part and parcel of a truly glorious experience.

Be inspired by the Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is a truly lavish landmark, a luxurious testament to the harmony between art and architecture. The fountain, completed in the 1800s, is the combined work of an array of artists, and is easily one of the most charming and beautiful sites to see in a city where there is no shortage of charming and beautiful sites.

Enjoy the sweet life

Rome is a wonderfully cosmopolitan city, where people dash around on Vespas en route to work throughout the day before sitting back at a bar or restaurant with friends and loved ones at night. Drink the wine, eat the pasta, have a midday coffee at a street-facing bar and enjoy the city that brought the world la dolce vita!

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