Positano and Amalfi are beautiful coastal towns along the Amalfi Coast, but which one is better to visit?

The luxury town of Positano and the charming town of Amalfi are both gorgeous and some of the best places to visit on the Amalfi Coast. Both destinations have their similarities and differences.

The towns are alike in that they both have colourful buildings overlooking the turquoise sea. Positano and Amalfi are also both small which makes it very easy to just walk everywhere. Perhaps if it is your first time visiting the Amalfi Coast, Amalfi might be better due to the town being larger and having more to do.

Keep reading to find out how both towns are unique and then you can decide which town is best suited for you.


Positano has some of the most gorgeous and picturesque views along the Amalfi Coast. The breathtaking vistas offer colourful cliffside homes which overlook the turquoise sea. This also means that Positano is quite steep which can be a lot of fun if walking on steep parts is totally your thing. But the town might not be as suitable if you have difficulty walking. The town also has some of the best beaches! Especially, the famous Spiaggia Grande and the popular Fornillo Beach. There are amazing and delicious restaurants and cafes and you can enjoy the sunset with a view, take a refreshing dip and relax on the beach.

Positano also accommodates those who love shopping. So definitely check out the Piazza dei Mulini. Here you’ll find local shops with handmade products and fashion brands.

You can spend three fun days in Positano by relaxing on the beach, enjoying a delicious meal, or going shopping.


Amalfi is a beautiful and popular town on the Amalfi Coast. You’ll be in awe of the clear, blue water and its extensive history. A bonus with Amalfi is, that this town is one of the larger towns along the Amalfi Coast. This means there is more to do and there are more accommodations ranging in different prices. Anything from guesthouses to fancy hotels to suit everyone’s budget.

Amalfi has bustling markets, restaurants, cafes, and even historic cathedrals and art galleries. Check out the Amalfi Duomo on the main square, the beautiful Cathedral of Sant’ Andrea and the Fontana Sant’ Andrea in front of the Cathedral.

You can spend about two days in Amalfi to see the main sites, check out the markets, and eat some mouthwatering foods. You can also spend a bit longer here and do some trips to nearby towns like Sorrento or Ravello.

In the end, it is hard to compare both coastal towns. Whichever one you go to, you will absolutely love your time away. You can even book an Amalfi Coast one day tour and see both Positano and Amalfi, as well as Ravello. The tour can leave from Naples or Sorrento.

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