Tuscany is a magical land, full of sumptuous cuisine, delightful wine, Renaissance masterpieces and one very strangely angled tower.

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Yes, Tuscan tourists detour en masse to catch a glimpse of the aptly named Leaning Tower of Pisa to marvel at its bizarre structure and catch a happy snap of them holding it up, turning it into an ice cream cone or even giving it a big cuddle!

The Leaning Tower of Pisa may be the starring attraction of this otherwise quaint Tuscan city, but there are also many other wonderful sites right next to the tower and throughout the city.

One thing you will be happy to know is that Pisa is most certainly open for tourists! You can venture to the town, enjoy its wonderful architecture and spend all the time you like meandering around its charming little streets and laneways before stopping in for a glass of Trebbiano at a local cafe.

But, before that, you are going to want to partake in some of these amazing experiences…

The Leaning Tower, duh!

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the world’s strangest buildings, insomuch to say that there aren’t many like it anywhere else in the world. Standing on the very strange angle of four degrees, the tower’s lean is very visible and makes for a joyful sight to see!

The Piazza dei Miracoli

Of course, the Leaning Tower gets all the fame, but you might be surprised to know that it is just part of a series of stunning structures located within the enchanting Piazza dei Miracoli (or, Square of Miracles).

Its name might be a lot to live up to, but when you consider that the Leaning Tower is just one of its outstanding structures, it starts to make a lot more sense. The piazza is home to the absolutely gorgeous dome-like Pisa Baptistry, the massive Pisa Cathedral and the elegant Campo Santo, each with their own personal style and charm to keep you enthralled for hours!

Eat mouth watering Tuscan cuisine

Duck down a Pisa laneway, find yourself a little trattoria and set yourself at the table – you are in for a wonderful Tuscan meal! Pisa may be famous for its tower, but it also carries its own culinary tradition that makes it such a great place to recharge after a day’s sightseeing.

Be sure to try local favourites like white bean stew, seafood linguine and frog soup (if you’re game enough!).

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