One day is definitely enough time to explore Pompeii!

Don’t skip out on Pompeii just because you only have a day to explore. In fact, one day is a great amount of time to spend exploring the historic ruins.

What should you see during your time in Pompeii? Let’s find out.

View the Roman Forum

The Roman Forum used to be the city centre for residents. There were many notable buildings and attractions located in the town centre. This included the public baths and a massive amphitheatre.

There are a few other structures that make up the city centre. The Temple of Jupiter is located on the northern side of the Forum. Built in 80 BC, the temple acted as a symbol of power and held important shrines and trophies. The House of Faun was another large structure in the Forum. It was a massive home decorated with mosaics, statues and towering pillars.

Marvel at the Amphitheatre

Located inside the historic city centre was the amphitheatre. It was built in 70 A.D., making it the oldest Roman amphitheatre to exist. Originally hosting around 20,000 spectators, the amphitheatre now sits deserted.

Visit the Villa dei Misteri

The Villa dei Misteri used to be another important structure in ancient Pompeii. The villa was used by wealthy families as a place to  make oil and wine. One of the rooms even contained a wine press.

Today the villa still contains intricate mosaics and murals. The murals are extremely well preserved and you can clearly see the images depicted on the walls.

See the Terme Stabiane

The Terme Stabiane is one of the most well-preserved spas from Pompeii. It was a large spa and bathing complex for the residents of Pompeii. Today you can still see the basic structure including the decorated walls and stucco ceiling.

Explore the House of the Vettii

Visit the House of the Vettii and learn how the upper class residents used to live. This is one of the most well preserved homes in Pompeii, which means you can walk through the ruins. As you explore the different rooms, you will notice the walls decorated in extravagant frescoes, or large mural-like paintings. In the centre of the villa is a beautiful courtyard with fish ponds.

Take a tour of Pompeii

A great way to see the highlights and learn all about Pompeii’s history is to take a guided tour.

This 2.5 hour guided tour will offer insight into what daily life was like for the ancient Romans living in Pompeii. You will meet your professional tour guide near the historic site. Your tour includes skip-the-line tickets, which means you won’t have to wait in any long lines. From there, you will spend 2.5 hours exploring the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site. After your tour, you can choose to stay and continue to explore, or carry on to your next destination.

From impressive architecture to fascinating stories, you won’t want to miss out on exploring this unique location!

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