Fun fact to kick things off; Naples is the birthplace of Italy’s favourite food – pizza!

Given this phenomenal claim to fame, you would think Naples would be packed with tourists year-round. Truth be told, Naples is often overlooked or avoided. There are a few reasons for this, but that’s not to say it isn’t a fascinating and historical city to visit. You will have a truly authentic Italian experience waiting for you here.

A draw card for some travellers is that Naples isn’t overly touristy at all. You won’t find yourself competing with large crowds, and the locals of the lively city will be happy to welcome you into their trattorias (for a delicious pizza no doubt).

Where is Naples?

The location of Naples is a major reason it is often skipped by travellers on their Italian adventure. It sits only 60 kilometres from the glistening alure of the Amalfi Coast. The Amalfi Coast is a summer playground for the rich and famous, and thousands of traveller’s flock to the pristine beaches every day in summer.

Naples sits right by another famous Italian location – Mount Vesuvius. The famous volcano that erupted and buried the entire town of Pompeii can be seen clearly from Naples. This makes Naples a fantastic spot to spend a night before heading to a tour of Pompeii.

Serviced by one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean, there are ferries running daily from Naples to Sorrento and Capri. Capri is home to the famous blue grotto and luxurious beach clubs. Seems we have another reason to stop in at Naples for an evening!

Spend a day in Naples

So we understand the location – it’s wonderfully close to some of Italy’s finest towns. But there are so many reasons you should spend a day here! You can walk the streets and take in the incredible architecture and admire the street art. Experience a delicious Italian coffee and of course a pizza – we wouldn’t blame you if you had 2. The vibe of Naples is a little chaotic, but that just adds to the fun!

The locals of Naples are not quite as accommodating to travellers in terms of international dishes and English speaking – but this is generally a good thing. If you visit Naples open to the cultural experience, you will be welcomed warmly. Learning a few Italian phrases will help here, as many locals don’t speak fluent English, and they will greatly appreciate your efforts.

Is Naples dangerous?

You’ve probably heard Naples get a bit of a bad rap in terms of safety for travellers. It’s a fair conclusion given its history, but it has been on a steady improve for over a decade.

Yes, the Italian mafia had a little hand in the downfall of Naples, but the government has been working on cleaning up the city. It is the 3rd highest populated city in Italy – only after Rome and Milan. As with any city in Europe that has a high population, you do need to have your wits about you. Pick pocketing is common, and some areas can be sketchy.

If you do find yourself in Naples, make the most of it! You can be alert and read up on the best locations to stay in. You can familiarise yourself with the area, and you can make friends with the locals. Visit historical sites and learn as you go.

And when you’re done exploring Naples – you have some amazing towns waiting for you just around the corner!

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