Grand old Italia is one of Europe’s most visited countries and for a reason molto buona.

From the glittering Italian Riviera to unique Venice, down to illustrious Rome and onto the sublime Amalfi Coast, Italy is a land where each region has something to delight and inspire the senses!

You might be happy to learn that Italy is also relatively cheaper than most European countries. Where the likes of France, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom can really shake up your budget, Italy, like its southern neighbours, maintains a budget-friendly cost of travel.

Backpacker travel can be super cheap, with some hostels costing only a few Euros a night and supermarket goods being highly affordable, too.

If you’re travelling on a more mid-range budget, you can expect to spend anything from 50 to 140 Euros per day, in which case you will afford a private AirBNB, dining out – the works!

Of course, things get pretty ritzy after that, but we assume that if you have the kind of budget where money is no object then, well, you probably don’t need to ask the question about how expensive Italy is to visit…

Regardless, try and get to these magical parts of the country:


Rome, The Eternal City, is like nowhere else on Earth, and is like that for the way it has perfectly blended its ancient stylings with modern elegance. You can find yourself touring the incredible Colosseum in the morning and the ornate Vatican in the afternoon before catching a sundowner at some swanky bar on the River Tiber.

The Amalfi Coast

The sparkling Amalfi Coast was long the global jetset’s summer spot, but is now perfectly accessible to tourists of all sized purses. Be sure to spend your trip lazing around on Positano’s Spiaggia Grande, checking out Capri Island’s surreal Blue Grotto, tasting local delight limoncello and taking in the marvellous Mediterranean architecture…


Tuscany and its largest city, Florence, is home to all things Renaissance. From its incredible galleries in the Accademia and the Uffizi, to its luxurious architecture, through to its gorgeous cuisine, Tuscany has charm and grace in massive abundance, making it one of Italy’s most beloved destinations.


What can you say about Venice that hasn’t already been said? You just have to hop a gondola, cruise around the gorgeous town and take in its aqua-centric beauty…

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