Grand old Italia still holds its place amongst the world’s favourite travel destinations and it’s easy to see why! From its deliciously rustic cuisine to its dramatic and varied landscape, through to its incredible art and fascinating history, Italy is certainly a place where you will never be short of things to do…

But with this plethora of food, fun and fab times begs the question: how much should I budget for a trip to Italy?

Estimates indicate you should expect to spend between 50 and 150 Euros a day in Italy, but it truly all depends on a variety of factors, including:

1. Where you will be going

First thing’s first: where will you be visiting? And, tallying up the places, how long do you plan on spending in Italy? If you plan on traversing the land from elegant Milan down to rustic Tuscany and onto the glittering Mediterranean, you can expect to spend a good few thousand Euros.

A proper Italian trip can last anywhere from two weeks to a whole month, in which you will have to factor in things like accommodation, transport, food and experiences, so this is the best place to start when considering your Italian adventure.

2. Where you will be staying

Italy, being one of the world’s top tourist destinations, isn’t short on accommodation for all budgets. In cities like Milan, Rome, Florence and Naples, you can spend as little as a few Euros or as much as 200 Euros a night on accommodation, so you have to decide where you would like to stay and whether your budget can afford it.

3. What experiences you will be having

Italy is a land of wondrous cultural and historical experiences and with something for absolutely everyone. From Florence’s famed art galleries to Rome’s endless myriad of historical landmarks, down to the Amalfi Coast’s island hopping yacht sojourns, there is plenty to see and do absolutely every day in Italy.

But this is something that also needs to be factored into your budget: do you plan to spend most days paying for gallery and landmark entrance? Or, are you looking to spend days simply meandering the cobbled streets down to the beach?

4. What you will be eating

Okay, the food, of which you can truly enjoy regardless of the price. From the rustic, local trattorias which are fantastic and won’t break the budget to the Michelin-starred restaurants that take Italian fare to divine new heights, Italian food varies greatly in price, so you have to consider how often you plan to splurge on some fine dining and how often you plan on picking up some quality local antipasti, bread and cheese from the local supermercato…

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