Pompeii is one of Italy’s undisputed marvels, an ancient city buried under metres of volcanic ash and pumice, where today you can catch a glimpse of Roman life before that fateful day in AD 79.

Pompeii Site, Italy

The remains of the city are an incredible site for lovers of ancient history, Rome and everyday travellers alike, eager to see the fascinating ruins of a once thriving community.

But how much does it cost to tour these sobering ruins? Well, you have a few awesome options, with each tour having its own unique aspects that make it such a special experience.

Let’s take a look at some of your options!

  • Pompeii Tour from Rome


    Adults: €131
    Children (3 – 7 years): €104.80


    This amazing tour not only takes you across the well-preserved ruins of this incredible focal point in history, but it also takes you along the charming Highway of the Sun between Rome and Pompeii itself. There are a bunch of awesome sites to experience along the way, including astounding views in Naples and lunch at one of the city’s legendary pizzerias. Your guided tour awaits you at Pompeii, where you will learn about the famous villas, temples and amphitheatres in person!

  • Pompeii & Mount Vesuvius Tour


    Adults: €85
    Children (3 – 12 years): €71


    Are you just as interested in the giant culprit, the great volcano, Vesuvius, as you are its victim? If so, this is the perfect tour for experiencing both the cause and effect of that terrible day almost 2000 years ago. Separating from either Sorrento or Naples, you will be taken around the incredible scenery before strolling Pompeii and hiking the formidable Vesuvius with an experienced alpine guide.

  • Private Pompeii Guided Tour

    Price: €180 for 2 hours


    Have you always wanted to experience Pompeii in your own time? To get a harrowing sense of what it was like the day Vesuvius sent out clouds of volcanic ash and pumice? If so, this tour is perfect for you and, better yet, it’s complete with your own private guide, who will take you through the ruins and educate you on life there before and after the eruption.

  • Private Pompeii Tour from Rome


    1 – 3 people €635
    4 – 6 people €765


    This luxe tour includes high class transport from Rome as well as your very own, highly knowledgeable tour guide! This wonderful tour allows you to experience the ruins just as you always imagined, taking your time to meander around the villas, theatres and forums that dot the once-covered landscape.

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